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Folks -


I too have experienced the 'help! Logic is running away with itself and won't respond to me' scenario. I thought it was just me at first... I know there are several other folks that are having other problems ranging from annoyances to show-stoppers.


In my case, the biggest problem is that my Mackie Control (original; version 1.02)that has worked flawlessly in the past is plagued with the following symptoms:


  • Frequently is not detected or initialized when Logic starts up. This always worked prior to Mountain Lion.
  • If it IS detected, it will get a MIDI download from Logic so that all of the screen text and values come up, but none of the input functions (i.e. raising/lowering a fader on the control surface) are picked up/executed by Logic. I have tried different MIDI ports and cables and no change in the problem.


This control surface is pretty important for my workflow. I am seriously considering downgrading back to Lion, if it's possible.


Does anyone know if it is possible/safe to install Lion back on top of Mountain Lion? The glitches in Logic with Mountain Lion have made the system unstable and fairly unusable.