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I have an Iphone 4. As the spaces got filled, some of my apps were moved from the screen. I can still find them in search iphone and the app store says they are installed but i want to replace the icons back on the screen. Does anyone know how to do this?

iPhone 4


I tried Settings>General>Reset>Reset Home Screen Layout will restore the home screen to it's orignal app configuration, moving other apps around as necessary to accomplish this.


But it only brought back some of my apps. Others i still have to search for to find.


Once i delete some apps to clear up space can i move the apps i want back onto the screen?

iPhone 4
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    Do you know that you have several screens of apps in the iPhone. If you swipe to the left on the home screen, you will move to the next screen. Each time a screen fu=ills up, the iPhone automatically creates a new screen for the apps that don't fit any more.


    Once you find the other screens you can:


    - Move icons from one screen to another

    - Create folders of icons


    To do this, hold any icon until the icons on the screen start to wobble. When you have that, to move an icon, drag it to the screen you want. To create a folder, drag one icon on top of another.


    To exit this, press the Home key


    You can also rearrange icons from the Apps tab in iTunes when the phone is connected. That's easier, but not eveyeron uses iTunes