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When I open my Mail app, the Mail Activity window opens to display the fact that two messages are being sent, neither of which were created by me or otherwise show up in my Mail / Drafts folder. What could these messages be and why can't I find evidence of their origin? I routinely close / delete the activity only to have it show up when the app is next launched.


My system appears to be free of viruses (via the latest editio of ClamXav / Sentry virus updates).

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    MadMacs0 Level 4 Level 4 (3,725 points)

    If you have chosen to store outgoing mail in your "Sent" folder, they should appear there.

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    I have seen this happen too every once in awhile.  The number of messages it shows got sent varies (e.g. its not alwys two). When it does happen I've immediatiely checked the Sent folder to see what got sent and nothing shows up.  I think it occurs only when I have had my mac in "sleep" and then activate it.

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    If you mean that Mail seems to be sending more emails than you have created, when you send a message, this has to do I think with the odd way the Mail counts messages. It starts counting from when you open Mail and just keeps counting (I think). So your second email of the day, if you had sent you first one e.g. an hour earlier, would show as 2 of 2 in the outgoing, lower left of the screen under Mail Activity.  I checked this by watching our outgoing email server and sure enough, only one email was going out even though you might get the idea that several are going out at the same time. I'm using Mavericks but have seen this happening for a while - I think before Mavericks.