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I have OS X Mountain Lion on a 27 inch iMac and 13 inch MacBook Pro, iPhone 4 and an iPad 2. I am trying to use iCloud to sync documents such as Pages Keynote and Numbers between them seamlessly. I have documents in the cloud turned on on all of my devices. I can upload documents into the cloud from my Mac computers, and they automatically upload into the cloud on my iOS devices. Any changes I make to the document on my iOS devices (ipad and iphone) automatically appear on my desktop and MacBook almost instantly which is awesome.I just can't get it to work in reverse. What I mean is when I make changes on my imac or MacBook Pro the changes do not appear automatically on the iOS devices. Is there anyway to sync or save the changes made on my Macbook pro or imac directly to my iOS devices without saving the document and re-uploading the document onto iCloud after making changes or editing the document. This only adds another version of the document in the cloud which doesn't seem logical. having more than one copy of the document and iCloud seems ridiculous. I thought this was the reason to buy mountain lion so that all devices would seamlessly work together, and keeps your documents in sync across all devces.


I know someone in this community knows the answer. It's a yes or no answer, as it's either possible or it can't be done. I don't want to hear maybe a future update may fix the problem. Thank you for any advice

iMac (27-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mountain Lion, 1TB

iPhone 4