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I keep trying to transfer my GarageBand files from Mac to iPad (3rd Generation). I went into iTunes, Apps, selected GarageBand, added my files, and synced. However, whenever I open GarageBand on my iPad, there's nothing there. I've tried emailing and iMesaging the files to myself, but that doesn't work either. I selected "add from iTunes" in the iPad app, but it doesn't show any files. Any ideas?

GarageBand (iPad), iOS 5.1.1, I'm running the iOS 6 beta 4
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    You can export GarageBand for iOS projects from your iPad and copy them into your computer to edit using GarageBand for OS X. The reverse is not the case. Full GarageBand projects can be too complex for the iPad and may use resources not included in the iOS version.



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    But, a method that may work enough is to share the file out as a song from the Mac, then add the file to iTunes, and sync it into the iPad. Then you can import that song into a GarageBand project through the "Loops" menu.

    It worked enough for me.

    All the best