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A couple months ago, I had water damage on my iPhone 4S.  It stopped working for about a month, and my IT husband brought home the little screw drivers for the bottom of the phone, and I unscrewed it and saw there was still some water in the phone, after messing with it and letting it sit in rice for 2 days, my phone has been working ever since!  The only thing that has been happening is my battery life will say 35% and then all of a sudden I'll get a notification saying that I'm on 10% of battery life (and that's without even using my phone for an hour) and when I would plug it in, it would go back to 35%. I can handle that, but the only thing that bothers me is that my phone will abrubtly shut off when someone is calling me and this JUST started happening yesterday.  Should I reset my phone and then restore it back to my settings?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    Always restore your phone when you are having a technical problem like that. The first thing apple care will ask you is if you have tried restoring it. If it still happens after you have restored it than call apple care and see what they can do.

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    I have reset it at least 4 times already and it will work for maybe a day or two, then just shut off again while a phone call is coming in and today it started shutting off while I use the camera, or when I get a notification through Facebook and in order for this not to happen, I have to have it charging.  I don't want to charge my phone all day in order to use it.