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Hi, I have just bought the new iPad wifi. I'm tethering through my iPhone 4, if I leave the personal hotspot on all the time, will this kill the battery on the iPhone?

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    Well, I don't have an iphone 4, but I have a Droid X and tethering kills the battery pretty fast for me. I only turn it on when I really need it, then right back off.

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    Anytime the phone goes into sleep mode (screen goes to black) the Personal Hotspot will be disconnected unless the iPhone is plugged in.

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    Simple answer, Yes. When you are tethering your iPad to your iPhone, the iPhone is continuiously communicating with the cell tower. That will use battery power more quickly than otherwise. So, as KBinTLH said, turn it on only when and for how long you really need it or plug it in so that it is running off outside power.

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    Thx JK !!