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Images inserted in presentations and docs both in Keynote and Pages are replaced by boxes with question marks.

Have tried reinstalling, throwing away plist etc Most files ( 3 years of work, a book in progress ) seem corrupted.

The files show same error in my other macs.



Thanks very much in advance for suggestions.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    When you right click on the file, do you get the option to Show Package Contents? If so, select that then view the contents and see if you can find any of your images there. If you can, then the images are there, the connections are broken. That requires some work, but you wouldn't have find all the images all over again.


    If you don't see Show Package Contents, then make a copy of the file, add the .zip extension and double click it to unzip it. Then perform the same steps as above, look within to see if you can find any of your images.


    By the way, at any point, did you copy these files to a Flash drive? If you were storing documents as packages and you saved those to a Flash drive, that's been known to cause this problem.

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    Hi Kyn,

    By right click i assume you refer to ctrl key and click.

    The option Show Package Contents does NOT show.


    Duplicating the file and making a zip does not reveal more either.


    And yes, i saved the docs and copy them to a pen drive to copy in other mac.


    hv done that almost weekly since iwork came out. There were no problems before.


    Are the pndrives in fault?



    Thanks for your help.





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    No, making it .zip shouldn't make it Show Package Contents, but making it .zip should allow you to double click on it and the result should be a folder.


    For those transferring files from one computer to the next using flash drives in the past would cause issues. That's because the file format on the drive wouldn't support the Packaage file type. As you've found, though, you're automatically saving as the more compatible format. It prevents you from showing the package contents, but you shouldn't have a problem with flash drives.


    What about the images that are missing? Is it images you've added or is it all the template images as well? Are there any images that appear to have made the transition?

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    Here's a post to an older thread where we found that Keynote was defining graphic elements as "corrupt" even though they didn't appear to be.




    If you successfully change the extension to .zip and open the file and see all your images in there, then you may need to check your own xml to see if those images are listed as corrupt. Before you do something like that, though, always work from a COPY of your presentation, not the only version you have.