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Ok so I am an interior design student that can be using the programs Autocad for 10+ hours and I didn't want to have any problems with over heating.  Yesterday I purchased a very expensive Mac Pro over the iMac. My question is... should I have purchased the iMAC over the Mac Pro or did I make a good choice with the Mac Pro.  Also I use Revit while using AutoCad and in the near future I will be using Final Cut Pro & After Effects.  So guys, help me out... Did I get the better choice?

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion
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    iMacs from what I read over heat. Never heard of a Mac Pro doing so. MacBook Pro, then yes they get very very hot. You can't really kill a workstation. Unless you cut off air and put it in one of those "hutches."


    Maybe your very expensive could have saved and gone with less, donno what you go but $1889 and up, just don't buy what you can buy elsewhere (RAM, hard drives and such).


    Final Cut Pro-X is due for a refresh.



    CS6 yes.


    http://www.macperformanceguide.com really answers a lot of questions on upgrades, configuring, and performance.


    You didn't really tell us what your real choice was, just basic outer shell. 4-core? 8-core? the 6-core is the sweeter of them. The 12-core might be unjustified and not enough unless it is used to bill hours, a lot of hours.


    How to do a 6-core and save:


    Mac Pro 2010 6-core 3.33GHz


    Refurbished 2.8 4-core $1899



    http://www.buy.com/prod/intel-xeon-up-w3680-3-33-ghz-processor-socket-b-lga-1366 -hexa-core-12/q/loc/101/214873128.html

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    I bought a top-of-the-line iMac in 2008 to do video editing. It got very hot. After 1 year the hard drive failed and then after 2 years the graphics card failed. I decided to bite the bullet and get a Mac Pro. I bought the bottom 2.8 version and have been upgrading it with extra RAM, SSD, etc. I'm about to upgrade it to a 3.33 6 core.  It has been rock solid and I haven't noticed any loud fan noise. I am currently running FCP X on it. So, from my experience, you have made the right decision to go with the Mac Pro.

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    I got the 3.2 GHz quad-core with 8MB instead of the standard 6 MB. I'm a noob when it comes to how to build a computer... I just want to be able to use my programs without having to get my patience tested by a computer. Thankfully my bf was there to help me purchase my Mac Pro because the apple representative was trying to convince me to upgrade to another graphics card. Little do I know, this is mainly for people who play video games or create video games..Then the day after I was having buyer's remorse, unsure if I should have bought the iMac over my Mac Pro. Like I said I'm a noob when it comes down to how to decide which is better. But your response helped! Thanks so much!!

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    RAM is just user installable part that costs 2x from Apple as buying it yourself.


    Building involves choosing motherboard, processor, power supply... everything.


    RAM and disk drives - and grapic card - are all eash to do and designed for ease of use.


    The "2012" base then. And decent system. A lot is when you get over the $4K mark and get into an 8-core or above. Even the 6- core 3.33GHz which I would have recommended is still only $3K but 50% more processing punch.