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Every time I try to download an app it tells me to tap to continue to view billing information. I sign in to update my billing information and it tells me my security code is invalid. How can I get this updated? I've tried a lot. Please help?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    Others (including myself) seem to be having the same issue. 


    Double check your zip code and make sure the zip with 4 digit extension matches your banks zip code information.  If your bank does NOT use the four digit extension, you either have to change your info with the bank, or use another payment method. 


    I've been through this issue with multiple people, via online chat AND telephone, over 2 days just to be told with finality today that they won't do anything about removing the 4 extra digits and they basically don't care whether or not I ever purchase another Apple product again because of it.




    Good luck...

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    Ive been having the same problem. First, I called support and they said that I had an outstanding balance and I understand that because it takes them so long to actually process my transaction. They told me that I had to use another card because the one on my account was deemed not useable. I tried using my moms card and it said that credit card processing was unavailable. I then called again and they told me to try again in ten minutes with my mothers card making sure all the info was correct, which it was. Here I am now, an hour later and it still isn't working. I just want it to get fixed so I can use the app I need to update for school.

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    Has anyone contacted either you about this directly??


    I read in the forums that there was a workaround via PayPal.  I've tried this about 10 times to no avail.  And it's NOT PayPal - they keep sending me confirmations of authorization, however, when I click "done" after going through the paypal authorization process on iTunes, I get the following error message:


    "Your request is temporarily unable to be processed, please try again later"




    "Your attempt to set up your PayPal account for use in the iTunes Store was unsuccessful.  Your iTunes session has timed out"


    The second error message comes from a second window after seeing the first.


    I have tried this MULTIPLE times, and, as I said, I have received authorization from PayPal that the "agreement" was confirmed.  There is plenty of credit/money available on the card that is associated with PayPal account, and the PayPal process seems fine based on the confirmation emails I have received from them.


    Again, this is an APPLE issue and they refuse to do anything about this.


    I've purchased the $19.99 Lion OS x upgrade for which I have ALREADY PAID IN FULL (and have the statement with the debit from my bank to prove it!), yet I am unable to download it onto my computer because the iTunes store keeps asking me for billing information which I have provided no less than 50 times via phone, chat, the iTunes Store and the Apple App store, but it keeps rejecting.


    If Apple refuses to fix this issue, it is comparable to theft - they have taken my money and not provided any services or products in exchange for the funds, per our verbal agreement when I made the purchase over the phone with an Apple representative. 


    I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PROVIDE ADDITIONAL PAYMENT INFORMATION FOR SOMETHING I'VE ALREADY PAID FOR IN FULL. And if that is going to be Apple's position/policy, then they should make it EASY for people to provide this information.  Apple is not doing me a favor by taking my money, so why are they making this such a painful, complex, convoluted process???????????