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I have been filling out a job application for Inventory Specialist on the Apple career site. However, when it came to clicking confirm, it simply took me back to the homepage. Has it submitted/is there a way to tell it's submitted? I can't find a copy of my application uploaded anywhere but it does say "Position: UK - Inventory Specialist, Action: Assessment" under "My Positions and Assessments"; does this mean it's uploaded or that I've simply shown interest in that role?


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    Same thing just happened to me, Wish theyd make it clearer.

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    Since these are user to user forums, no one will probably be able to answer your question; if there is some sort of a contact number for Apple in that process, I would try that. Giving you the regular tech support/Applecare number probably wouldn't do it - although, you could call and ask them where you might be able to find out.

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    Did you supply an email address? When I submitted an application ages ago I received a confirmation email. If after a day or two you didn't receive an email, I'd re-submit. Most application systems will update a previous submission if multiple are sent, so even if it did go through it can't hurt to try again (assuming you received no confirmation). And if it makes you feel better, just say at the top of the new submission, "I'm not sure if my previous submission went through properly and wanted to make sure you received my application as I look forward to working with Apple. Please accept my apologies if multiple applications were sent". Can't hurt to be polite.

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    I was thinking the same thing. I love the jobs at apple not only am I addicted to my iPad, but they have a job I want to apply for, but no email has came through.


    I wish they would supply a contact number that you are able to check the status of your application so you are up to date. I am holding out for the job I applied for and I just wanted to see if I was even a contender.

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    Hi Katherine.r, did you get anywhere with the application thing? i just ran into the same problem. i posted a covering letter which i was really proud of, submitted, then suddenly it was all gone and there was no confirmation that it went through. did you eventually get an email?



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    Same thing happened to me, i had the tab up the entire day because i was building a resume and cover letter to fit the job description i was applying for, and then in the realized that the cover letter i provided may have been too long and shortened it and pretty much thought out another paragraph or two and then whenever i hit submit the page looked like it just refreshed and i had to enter my info into the fields again.


    on the issue of "Assessment", i filled out the application about a week ago and got no email so i did a search and came across this thread. I clicked on "assessment" and it brought me to a Job Questionnaire, i completed the few questions and hit submit. after that i received an email from Apple.

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    were did you find this assessment button?