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Can you do a 3 way call on facetime?

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    No, FaceTime does not support  conference calls. I think one of the reasons may be that the average home computer network doesn't have the bandwidth to support this feature.  Lots of data is passed back and forth, even during a one- on- one video call. 

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    I'm on hold FOREVER with may Apple Care support guy, as he is trying to figure out how to do a 3 way video call on Mountain Lion.  This was possible with iChat, but now that it is no longer in Mountain Lion...   I hate stepping backwards with new software releases!!

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    i didn't think iChat could do a 3 WAY VIDEO Call?  I was never aware that it did.  iMessage is really the same thing it is just a Different Look and updated !!  Did you ever talk to apple and find out if it was indeed possible to do 3 way?  I doubt we can.  But it would be nice

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    Here's a YouTube video of someone doing a 3-way iChat....




    It was a big selling feature when it first came out.  Not sure why they got rid of it.

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    iChat absolutely supported threeway video chats for a good long time. Now, that being said the quality was never that great - but here are specific system requirements for 10.5.x and iChat with "up to four" video chatters.