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since 3 days I haven't been able to update apps on my iPhone 4 (english translation from German : "connection to iTunes Store not possible"). Purchasing apps is still possible on the iPhone, updates work via PC and iTunes. It's just pretty tedious to connect evertime to a PC just for checking for new updates. I have the iOS 5.1.1. installed.


iTunes support team gave me advices like "switch iPhone off and on" and "sign off from the Apple store and sign on again", which were of course first things I tried.


I hope you experienced guys can give me some hints how to get rid of the problem.

iPhone 4
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    First a few questions...   Why 3 days? (These might be silly questions... )


    • Did you update a third-party app or perhaps downloaded a third-party app 3 days ago that could have started this error? 


    • Did you restore your iPhone from a previous backup around that time that could've started this issue?


    • Are you trying to access the App Store on your iPhone through your cellular carrier's data connection?  Do you connect to a WiFi network at home?


    • Has this ever happened before?


    • Do you have a recent backup of your iPhone just in case you need to reset all of the current settings and restore the iPhone?


    • Does the problem occur with updating ALL of the apps through the App Store or just selected apps?  Can you access the App Store at all, on your iPhone?


    Sooo many questions, I know...  Has your issue resolved itself in the meantime?



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    I have a similar problem and I haven't downloaded any third party apps just the ones from the itunes store and i can't download any apps because it just keeps saying app can not be downloaded at this time and this includes updates.

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    Hi So OP!


    I'm happy anybody cares about my question, so I don't mind additional questions: Here are sone answers:


    - no idea why 3 days, I usually check every 1-2 days for updates, suddenly I could not acces the update feature, no new Apps installed shortly before. I do not even get to see which apps should be updated, goind to the update button gives the "could not connect to the iTunes Store" message.


    First thing was of course to check if the other App Store features are available, no problem to install new apps. Next was to check the iPhone over iTunes, updates worked, also a sync that I quickly made just in case ;-.). I thought it might be a temporary App Store problem, so next day I contacted the App support and received the advices I posted before.


    - connection does not work either over WiFi or 3G, both from home and work, besides this : everything else works (downloading apps, playing online games etc.). I just don't like the idea to connect my iPhone every 1 or 2 days to my laptop in order to check for updates instead of pushing 1 button! Besidfes this, I generally hate things I don't understand (though we all have to live with this problem!).


    Thanks for your advice!

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    Sorry for the long delay!




    I would try to restore the phone from a recent backup if you haven't tried to sign out and sign back in with your AppleID for the Store under Settings and the problem persisted. 

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    Lol.  The end of that message should read "if the problem persisted"... not "and the problem persisted".  Sorry about that.


    Another thing to try is resetting the network settings on the phone.  >Settings>General (scroll to the bottom)>Reset>Reset Network Settings


    !!!!  FYI - This will erase all of your saved WiFi and Network settings on the phone.  Make sure you know how to set them back up on the phone!

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    Hello again!


    Thanks a lot for your help and for keeping track of my problem. In the meantime I more or less gave up to find a solution and keep making PC-updates every 2 or 3 days. The last sync I made before my problem started was pretty old (many apps, contacts etc. added in the meantime), the last one I made when the error already apeared. And somehow I am afraid of restoring the whole system, I still remember struggling half a day with my iphone after installing iOS 5. Perhaps I will be "brave" enough  on an weekend with nobody around that can hear me crying ;-). When the new iOS 6.x will be released I will probably have to do it anyway... By the way, resetting the network settings on the iphone did not help either. Do you think it might be a hardware issue, or that the software "choked on" something? I really did not find in all the forums a similar problem...


    Thanks for being around!

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    I have just come across this problem myself in the UK... I cant seem to update apps from the AppStore... message"cannot connect to itunes" keeps popping up when i try, but I can download new apps from the appstore.  This is happeneing on my iPhone 4s!  I would be keen on an answer to this problem too!

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    I have the exact same problem on my wife´s 3GS. She can buy apps and update via iTunes for mac, but not update via the app store icon. Resetting network data and signout/in didn´t work.

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    This has worked for many users:


    Go to Settings/General/Date and Time

    Turn Set Automatically OFF

    Manually set the date to sometime a few years in the future

    Try to update - it will fail with a different error message

    Turn Set Automatically back ON

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    this worked for me - thanks a lot!!

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    Yes, this solved my problem!


    Thanks a lot for your help!! I don't know how you came over this crazy idea but congrats for it! I hope many of those having the similar issue will find this forum and can update again via the iphone.

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    I have a slightly different problem.  I have updated all my Apps in my itunes on my PC but they won't update on my iphone (4) with iOS6.  During the sync it says it is installing on all of the Apps that need updates (now about 20 as have been trying for days to sort out) get half way through the 'installing process' and then when the sync has 'finished' all the updating apps are half way through and just stop.


    Have tried to delete apps on handset in order to reload but won't let me, as it says they are all waiting.....


    And have just realised that some music I have boaught won't download/sync to my phone either it is sitting in the dowbloads file of itunes on my phone, but not on my itunes programme on my pc.


    Help this is driving me mad and I cant use things like my drop box app which I need for work as it is waiting to update.....

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    hello,, i have the same problem and did what you all said but its not work with my phone what to do now guys??? pls help

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    Hi, same problem, can not update or download amy new app since 19nov12. Above options did not Helu. Any advices? Thanks

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