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  • 420. Re: The New iPad will not sync all photo's
    PeterOFre Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Frenchwench,

    looks like you have iPhoto on iOS open because you mentioned the library is updating.

    If you have enable the iCloud on you iPhone and same iCloud account on your iPad, then you should see some pictures in FOTOSTREAM when both devices are connected to WLAN.


    That is not a real syncing, but you could copy these pictures in a new iPad picture album.


    With the iPhoto app for iOS you could use the BEAM function to transfer pictures from iPhone to iPad, just start iPhoto on both devices and choose the function.


    Another option is to use the Camera Connection Kit and connect both devices. Then import selected or all pictures.


    Or you could use apps like PhotoSync.


    Hope it has helped.


    best regards


  • 421. Re: The New iPad will not sync all photo's
    Frenchwench Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for your feedback.  I do have a camera adaptor but this really  should sync automatically right? Seems like I didn't  have any issues until I got the new IPad (and downloaded  IPhoto).


    Thx again'



  • 422. Re: The New iPad will not sync all photo's
    phscheuer Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok, I am having the same prob with the iPhone ... pics I take on it will no longer sync to my computer, BUT they do move to my iPad with no problem.  I don't use the iCloud because my husband uses it (I was stupid and I am now stuck under my husband's account properties - ie where all my music is under) ... I have uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes, but did not try the steps listed above the very long suggesting that is bolded:

    Ok first shutdown iTunes

    In sequence


    - Uninstall iTunes

    - Uninstall Quicktime

    - Uninstall Apple Mobile Device Support

    - Uninstall Bonjour

    - Uninstall Apple Application Support (Optional)

    - Reboot PC

    - Reintsall Latest iTunes version from Apple

    - Retry photos synchronization, one directory at a time.

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    jafergusonuk Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well first I am suprised this issue is still happening. Had my iPad since April. Had real difficulty synching photos. In the end I managed by synching each folder 1 at a time and got all my pictures on (6000) you can imagine it was a slow process. Recently I had a Windows failure and had to reinstall Windows after complete format of hard drive. I then reinstalled everything as brand new. When I got round to synching iPad of course it wanted to do a complete synch which I did. Imagine my suprise to find the same problem all over again. Very unhappy with Apple who do not seem to have any customer focus at all. This issue should not be happening when you pay £700 for a product you expect it to work - Frankly appalling. Ah well back to synching folder by folder. I will curse after the hours this takes.


    APPLE get your act together.

  • 424. Re: The New iPad will not sync all photo's
    Sgadan Ruadh Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello, can someone help?


    As previously stated, I have 3,600 jpeg photos in 15 folders, Windows XP. With the iTunes upgrade I have all installed on the iPad 3 in the correct order and all in one sync operation. Great. My problem is that to add a few new photos to one of the folders I have to re-sync all 15 folders and 3,600 images, this takes about 3 hours. If I don't tick a folder for syncing, it gets deleted from the iPad.

    I see "jafergusonk" and others say they sync a folder at a time. How is this done without re-syncing the ones alrerady on the iPad? If I can find out, my problems would be solved.

    I'm glad I bought the iPad3 but it is not the dream machine I had expected. It is a play thing for kids and not for serious users. I hate having to use work-arounds to perform simple tasks. Like jaferqusonuk above:


    APPLE get your act together!

  • 425. Re: The New iPad will not sync all photo's
    DewVinci Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It seems as though iTunes 10.7 makes syncing photos even less reliable. Who would have thought...

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    dennisdster Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have this issue on my iPad 2;  my iPhone 5 syncs just fine.  I did not experience this issue until after I downloaded IOS 6.


    After hours on the phone yesterday with technical support, their suggestions (which included trashing the phot cache) led to only 645 of 11K + photos being synced;  prior to that phone call I was able to sync all but 450 of the 11K + photos in iPhoto.  The senior tech advisor kept alluding to the possibility of "corrupted" photos, but I indicated that I thought not.


    I also have the iPhoto app on my iPad.


    When I got off the phone last night, with, per the instructions of the advisor, the original photo cache folder replaced the newly created cache folder;  I resynced, which resulted in roughly 9000 of the photos being synced. I restarted both devices this morning, rs-synced, and it looks like I'm getting most, if not all of the rest of the photos.......

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    Barbs07 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have been spending hours trying to get my photos to sync to my Ipad.  First through the Cloud for Vista and Photo Stream and now through Itunes on my Vista PC.  I am a pretty technical person and I know I was doing everything correctly.  Now at least I know I am not crazy!  It annoys me that I spent so much money on this Ipad and can't even put my photos on it.  That's why I am staying a "PC" person.  This is my first experience with an Apple product and it is leaving a bad taste!  I recently upgraded to IOS6 and it did not help...so when do you think this will get fixed?  How do we let Apple know that we need this fixed ASAP?

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    phscheuer Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Good luck!  my photos stopped sync'ing for BOTH my iPhone and iPad several months ago ... it seemed to coincide with an update ... ???  The nice little window comes up when I connect them to my computer, says it is downloading the new pics, but POOF!  I have no idea where they are being synced ... not in the Photos folder, that'is for sure.


    I can't use the Cloud and have to sync by connecting to my computer because my husband and I are under the same account (long story, but I wish Apple/iTunes would have explained why to have separate accts), so that is not the problem ...


    No one seems to know or care about the problem because this has been going on for months ...

  • 429. Re: The New iPad will not sync all photo's
    Barbs07 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Not Good....I may go to the Apple store and ask about this.  Probably will get no where on their Website.

  • 430. Re: The New iPad will not sync all photo's
    phscheuer Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yea, that might work ... I could take my laptop and try to get it fix on that first and hopefully transfer that to fixing my desktop ... Good luck!

  • 431. Re: The New iPad will not sync all photo's
    Sgadan Ruadh Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    WOW, We're still complaining and Apple has done nothing. Perhaps, now that they have lost their case against Samsung they might divert their energies towards solving customer's problems! As phscheuer says "Good Luck".


    Having said that, I cleaned out everything, images, caches, etc and re-synced everyting (4 hours). All images arrived in the IPad 3 in the correct order. I now add new images into new folders using the Transfer app. I NEVER RE-SYNC until I have sufficient images to transfer them to my main folders to make the effort of another complete clean-out and 4 hour re-sync worth while. Care has to be taken to ensure that the iPad does not decide to re-sync without being told! A re-sync without cleaning out everything gives Apple the opportunity to randomise the order of the images which they are continually on the look out to do. (Suggestion - rename "Sync" to "un-sync" or "screw-up".)


    I must say that the Apple Support Technicians are very nice people, prepared to spend long hours talking to disgruntled customers, willing to go off to look for Senior Support Technicians and seem quite unaware that they are all useless - although one nice chap discovered that with IOS 2 the images would not be randomised. Now that was a real break through!  (TIP - always get them to ring you, great savings on the phone bill.) However, like Barbs07 above, I won't touch Apple products again with or without a barge pole.

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    PeterOFre Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Sgadan,

    are you using a Windows-PC or a Mac ?

    With my iPad 2 and 3 and my iPhone 4 an 5 there are no issues with syncing or sorting.


    Best regards


  • 433. Re: The New iPad will not sync all photo's
    Barbs07 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry, thought you were asking me....

  • 434. Re: The New iPad will not sync all photo's
    PeterOFre Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Barbs07,

    I am a PC person as well, but have bought an iMac 3 years ago, just to see how it is..

    And my experience is good, once you accept that some things are different and need to be learned.

    Microsoft is doing a great Job with Windows and they will always have the leadership even some users buy a Mac.

    Please explain what you have tried in the past using iTunes.

    In addition you can visit http://www.photosync-app.com/photosync

    and download the Windows program and spent the 1.99$ for the App for your iPad.

    Photosync us doing the sync without iTunes.


    My experience with Apple is: 

    Very often, the solution is so easy and simple, that a PC person is overlooking it. But this simple solution is laying in front of you, but is not telling you.


    Looking forward to see your answers.


    Best regards


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