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Hi. Is there a way to "anchor" the media folder location?  Here is my issue:


For the very first time, iTunes booted up before my network connections were established. My media folder is on a network home server.


Because iTunes could not immediatly find the folder, it decided that it should create a new folder on the local drive.


Every since then, I have been unable to sync my media. I have changed the folder back to the server, but now that iTunes has discovered my local drive, it wants to stay there. Aggravating the issue is that whenever I change the folder back to the server, iTunes treats this as a brand new location and has to "organize" itself over and over.




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    The attached image is what I am seeing after I sync. Many files (shaded grey) are not showing up on the IPAD.


    I have gone into the library and confirmed the files are playable when I double click.


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    Where are your library files?

    Where is the media folder?


    As noted, if the path to the media folder isn't available when iTunes starts up it will revert to using a folder called iTunes Media inside the iTunes library folder. If this happens, fix access to the path, and correct it in iTunes preferences. If iTunes displays content with exclamation marks you need to close and reopen at this point before connecting any of your devices.



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    Hi. Thank you for responding. I don't quite catch the nuances in your questions.


    I thought the library files are IN the media folder? The way you phrased your email suggests these are two distinct items. In my specific case, all my files are on the server and I have a special directory (x:\itunes) for anything downloaded from iTunes or would otherwise go on our devices.


    Thanks for the rest of your note, that was clear.

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    Here are the typical layouts for the iTunes folders:


    In the layout above, with the media folder (everything in the red box) inside the library folder, the library is considered to be portable. A portable library can be moved from one path to another without breaking the links between the library and the media and being self-contained is much easier to backup


    With your media files on a network share it will be best to keep the library split because of the performance hit, otherwise I'd suggest restructuring your library. If you decide you need to change the path the library lives on at any point you can restructure, move, and then bring the library files back to an internal drive for performance.