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My iMac 21 Display doesn´t work after restart. If I turn it off and 1 hour later I want use it again the iMac shows the white screen with the mac logo and then the display goes off. I connected an external display to check if the iMac was ON and with the external display I can login and do everything but the iMac Display doesn´t work .


If I turn it off and wait 3 or 4 hours  and then turn it back on the display works OK.


This is very strange behavior I have spent hours and hours trying to fine the solution or a similar issue but nothing so I am looking help here at apple.com


BTW When I bougth the iMac 21 there were some spots over the display so the display was replaced by the provider. The warranty has expired by now.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4), I have OS X Lion