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We are trying to give our daughter accesss to the family's Google calendar.  In the parental controls we have "try to limit adult websites" as the selection.  With this on, she is not able to log into the calendar - it gives a message that says something about not being able to establish a secure connection.  She can go on the Google homepage without problem and search, etc. - but she can't access the Google sign-in or the calendar.


When we change the parental controls setting to "allow all websites" she can log onto the calendar without any problem.


We also tried adding the various google web address strings under the "customize" tab for "always allow these sites" while still leaving the "try to limit adult websites" as the overall setting.  Even with the specific sites approved - she still can't access the calendar.


What's up??  Isn't there a way we can allow her to see the calendar without having to give her unecessary exposure to anything on the net?

Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Finally!!!!! This solution works! Yea!


    There are two scenarios I know of:


    1. If you have users for whom under "Parental Controls/Content" you've chosen "Allow access only to these websites" (they can only get to the websites that are bookmarked by you) and if Google Mail was already a bookmark, then just do this: click the plus sign below the list in "Parental Controls/Content/Allow access only to these websites", and choose "Add Bookmark." On the pop-up, name the site "goog" or anything you want; then type in: 1e100.net in the box asking for an address. This will produce a new bookmark (named "goog" or whatever you've chosen), but will in effect just be a dummy or slave bookmark that you'll never use, but it'll allow you to get to your user's google mail sign in page by hitting the old google mail bookmark he or she used to hit.


    Second scenario (I have both scenarios in my home): if you have users for whom under "Parental Controls/Content" you've chosen "Try to Limit Access to Adult Websites Automatically", click the "Customize" button and then on the top of the pop-up, under "Always Allow These Websites," click the plus button and then add: 1e100.net . Then click OK. This user will now be able to get to his or her google mail sign in page.