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Last couple of months I get a fair amount of flickering on my screen. As far as I can tell, there

is no specific area that it is flickering in. After checking my settings for Auto brightness,, I find that

the box that is there for ticking off "Automatically adjust brightness" is unticked, and the brightness is

moved to around the 3/4 brightness area.  I am in my basement which is fairly dark, so basically I am

trying to find out about the flickering that goes on, and have a feeling that when the brightness is diminished, it

causes/caused the flickering. So, I raised the brightness to extreme(right to the end of the scale) and continue

to have the box "Automatically adjust brightness" UNCHECKED.    Sooner or later,, something must trip off the

Autobrightness,, because I eventually notice the flickering going on,, then I go to my settings to check the brightness,

and find that the slider is back to 3/4 and still the Autobrightness box is Unchecked. This happens all by itself.

Basically , #1,, whether it is on Auto or Not,, I shouldn't get any flickering, and #2,, my display shouldn't on its own

adjusting automatically the brightness by itself, unless I check the box correct?  How can I get my screen brightness

to stick ?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7), Mid 2011
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    I just started a new thread that deals with one of the issues you highlighted. My rMBP also is automatically adjusting brightness on its own even though the auto brightness box is unchecked. Candidly, it's good to see this is not only happening to me b/c maybe it's something inherent in the system and people just aren't noticing it?

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    BTW - here's a link to the thread I just started:



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    To close out my original post, I never did managed to solve my flickering problem. I did every trick in the book, including SMC  resetting PRAM etc. So, just as I had given up trying to fix, low and behold, my left side of the

    screen one fine morning became rather dim. I knew that something , like backlight had gone on it. So, I still had

    lots of warranty, brought it in. This time, because of it being a rather obvious defect upon looking at my screen.

    The genius ordered a new LCD and backlight .

    So far, no flickering, however, I still have the brightness level that drops down from a full brightness, no matter if I check off "automatically adjust brightness" or not. This being in a relatively dark environment.

    I can imagine that there are many people still with this problem, with no obvious solutions that are 100 % effective.