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So I woke up this morning and everything seemed to be normal with my Macbook Pro. I hace the iStat widget installed and check it quite frequently to see what the temps are looking like and to monitor my HDD space. When I began using it this morning my used HDD space was around 62GB. After an hour or two I noticed that the used space had freakishly jumped to 92GB. I knew this was completely wrong because all I had done was install a game that was 9GB in size. To make a long story short, after prowling the internet I discovered most the issue was Time Machine storing local backups on my HDD so I turned TM off completely.. then I took a look at my Storage use under About My Mac and discovered I had 18.45 "EB" of Movies on my HDD. Did a quick search and found 2 other people with the exact same issue.. 18.45 EB of Movies. The problem is I have ZERO video on my mac at all, considering its not even a month old. Any ideas? Im just a little freaked out as some people said it meant the disk is corrupted, but disk utility tells me I'm fine.



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    Did you ever find a solution? I am having the same issue as well.

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    Yes, go into System Preferences, then Spotlight. There should be two tabs Search Results and Privacy. Select the Privacy tab and click the "+" button and navigate to your Macintosh HD and select it. Adding your hard drive to this list will prevent Spotlight from searching that location. After you've added it simply remove it using the "-" button at the bottom. Allowing your hard drive to be searched again will cause OSX to rebuild your spotlight index (if you click the spotlight icon on your status bar it should say rebuilding the index.. or something along those lines). Wait for it to finish and your HD should fix itself.

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    You are a genius! This has solved my question and OCD! If you don't care I am going to post it to my thread and all the others I found and give yourself credit!


    I was so ****** and wasn't going to use Migration Assistant on my new mac because I thought my hard drive may have been corrupt, even though Disk Utility said No.


    Again you are THE man!




    I wanted to ask you this as well. Since the new MacBook Pro Retina has an SSD would you recommend to turn Spotlight off, so it won't constantly index and read/write, which could lower the life of my drive?

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    I am very thankful for this fix! My Time Machine was saying "This backup is too large for the backup disk. The backup requires 3.78 EB but only 1.97 TB are available." I was baffled, but this simple trick fixed this issue for me. Kudos and thanks again!