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Ipod touch burned my hands today bad, i called apple customer service and since my warranty is over, they want 200 for me to fix it, when this is not my fault. the ipod started smoking and it smells terrible. i had to drop it to not get severe burns, but the burns are still pretty bad. Definitely something not normal for an ipod to do, and a terrible safety hazard.



APPLE CUSTOMER SERVICE should be ashamed of themselves and how they treat their customers...

I sure as **** won't be buying anymore apple products. as much as i love them. The customer service is simply terrible, if not the worst in the world.

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    You need to CALL APPLE AND ASKED TO BE TRANSFERRED TO CUSTOMER RELATIONS. They will want to hear all about what happened and want the unit back. You most likely will get a brand new unit and may get payed for any medical bills. I had a similar issue with a battery in a laptop. They will take care of you, trust me!


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    A similar thing happened to me in August.  All of the responsibility was placed on me. The customer support was shoddy.  I was actually injured and they have no regard for my health.  Apple ought to be ashamed. You probably didn't get this from them, so let me say that I am sorry you had to experience this.