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I have verified that I have all my controllers showing up in Midi Config.

I have mapped my controllers to differant channels via their oem setup as well as in the MS2 to different Midi Software Instruments. 

Not matter what hoop I jump through in the software I still get output on all my software insturments no mater what I play.

Ableton Live does all this work on 1 screen with no hassle no problems.  When is main stage going to step up its game.. kinda feel like I took time to learn a product I cant even  use live.  Has their been any resolution to this problem as it seem many have it.



Disgrunttled MS2 and Logic user..Too late for a refund.. but not looking to MS or Logic for future performance and tracking solutions.

MainStage, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Midi Mapping - Failing to work
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    MainStage doesn't even require to change the MIDI channels.


    Just add one keyboard object or MIDI LED per controller to the workspace and assign it to the controller. Done. Now you can use these objects as inputs to your channel strips. If you ever want to change a controller, you only have to change the assignment once and it will work in all patches immediately. You can easily see the routine in the Assign & Mapping table.


    I think you simply didn't understand this level of indirection and missed that many instruments ignore the MIDI channel, which means: they would listen to all your controllers.