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I've got a systematic error. Contacts don't sync. I've got an alert triangle in front of iCloud group with this error :

"[NSInvalidArgumentException] *** -[__NSSetM addObject:]: object cannot be nil"

I cannot search in "all"


Other users have this with Mail or Contacts

See : mail preview windown blank


(I can't insert the save screen here because of a bug (insert image button inactive after the file be chosen.)

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), French
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    I have ther exact same problem. Just upgraded to Mountain Lion. Contacts don't show in my All Contacts window, and next to iCloud there's a triangle:


    NSInvalidArgumentException] *** -[__NSSetM addObject:]: object cannot be nil


    It lets me see my groups, and click on them and search within the groups, but it doesn't let me search my entire database anymore, which renders it unusable (5000+ records).


    Please adivse.

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    I finally worked around it. I tried to read Contacts after updating Mac Os X Mountain Lion to 10.8.2. Was empty. I tried to interrogate it and had another error telling there was a problem due to Contacts. Well…

    I was sure that the version on the cloud was good since it continued to sync well with my iPhone.


    I went to iCloud preferences accounts, then suppressed contacts from the list, and chose it again. Then all seems to be working fine.


    Only lost some recent modifications done on the mac which had never been synced.

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    I have got the same problem have you fix it?



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    Hi Sylavin,


    Yes, as described in my previous post. Supress Contacts from your iCloud preferences accounts then choose it again to reinitialize the synchronization.


    This worked for me.


    Hope this help.

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    I think I found the root cause. I couldn't get my contacts to sync because of the same "object cannot be nil".


    I had Contacts open when I turned off the iCloud Contacts in Preferences. I said don't keep a copy on my Mac. When I did that, I found a couple of groups wiht no name (the group names were just  blank). I gave them names (nil and non-nil!) and then was able to delete the groups from my Mac's contacts. Then I re-checked Contacts syncing, and it worked much better!


    I think that the object that couldn't be nil was the group name, which prevented iCloud syncing. That makes sense.



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    Open System Preferences > iCloud Deselect iCloud Syncing on Contacts.  You will be asked if you want to delete the contacts from your computer - select yes.   Wait 2 minutes.  Select Contacts you will see a dialogue "setting up".    Contacts on your computer.   Open iCloud.com > Contacts - wait a moment, everything syncs back to normal including recently added contacts and group settings.   Worked for me.