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Anyone else having issues with iTunes 10.6.3 running on OSX 10.7.4 leaking memory dry and then filling up ALL your disk partition? 


I do - once a week now. I have a small boot SSD, but once iTunes fills up the memory it appears to be creating a 30+ GB swap on the boot drive and just kills my machine.


I watched the apps closely this week, and iTunes had built itself a nice little slice of 4.5+GB of memory.   I have 12GB of memory.  Machine was starting to lock up right before my eyes.  Force quitting iTunes saved the day.


What in the world?  I do connect my Apple TV to my library.

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    Doublechecking a few things.


    Are you getting that while using the iTunes Mini Player, or the Main Player?


    If you're getting it when you use the Main Player, is it worse when you're in Cover Flow (as opposed to List View)?

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    I only use the main player.


    I only use list view.


    Happened overnight.


    It just leaked a nice 5.24GB again in memory and barfed up 30+GB on my startup disk. Force quitting iTunes cleans up the main memory, then I have to kill a bunch of apps that ran out of memory and disk space and then the leaked swap on my startup disk starts slowly draining back down.


    Going to have to stop using it until they release some kind of update.  It's taking out my machine once a week.

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    Set a new record tonighht.


    ITunes had started leaking over 7.3GB of memory and I caught it as my entire machine was bogging down before the whole machine lockup that usually occurs.


    What in the heck is going on with this application?!  I've never seen this happen before.

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    Yes same here. This has been a problem since the update to iTunes 10.6.3. Running on Lion on a early 2008 MacBook Pro. Though it seems to be isolated to the web accesability in iTunes...... Hope it gets fixed soon.

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    Anyone know if Mountain Lion fixes this?  It may be worth it to upgrade just to fix this for me.


    As it stands rigth now, having iTunes open is a guarantee that my memory and startup disk will fill to capacity and lock up  my machine.  EVERY TIME ITUNES IS LEFT OPEN.  EVERY TIME.

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    I'm having the same problem and I'm using Mountain Lion, so nope, that's not a fix. I noticed my SSD main drive in my iMac filling up multiple times yesterday, and this morning just saw Activity Monitor and realized it was iTunes causing the problem. No idea how to fix it.

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    FWIW... I'm having some success after having disabled WiFi syncing of my iPad and iPhone.


    I have a very small SSD for my startup disk, and I suspect iTunes was conducting a full backup of my device without first checking that enough disk space was available.


    Not sure, but iTunes hasn't barfed this week - which is a major improvement.

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    Same problem.


    Day after day, running 10.8.1 Mountain Lion here. Today iTunes had snaffled 9.5GB of main memory and 25GB of VM. Wonderful.


    I do also have WiFi sync turned on and both iPhone & iPad regularly in and out of the house, I'll try Lewis' solution and report back also.


    WiFi Sync NEVER worked properly anyway, occasionally it would be successful, more often than not it'd spew error messages on the desktop. Then when I went to force a sync, it'd give me more errors before proceeding to do what I had just asked it to do...


    Starting to get the feeling this company has become heavy on features and very very light on actually completing them to a usable level before unleashing them on us.