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I was really excited for the iPhone 5 but now I don't think I'll be getting one.  For me, changing the location of the headphone jack is entirely unnecessary.  I've been reading up on this, and the only reason I can find for it is because people say it's more "natural" to put their phone in their pocket upside down; this doesn't make any sense to me!  Is it really that hard to move your arm straight down to your pocket with your wrist straight instead of only rotating your elbow?  I find it irritating that I would have to store the phone upside down in my pocket, and that would just make it harder to adjust the volume or flick the vibrate on without taking it out of my pocket.  That's something I do all the time: walk into a classroom or theater, and need to make sure my phone is on silent without pulling it out and drawing attention to myself.


I also get that you can lay the phone flat on a desk and have the headphone cord hang off the edge.  But what about when I have the phone propped up?  I guess I can't do that anymore.  I also can't leave it upright in a cupholder while I drive.


I've been an iPhone user because I like how professional and uniform Apple products look.  But storing and displaying my phone upside down destroys that asthetic for me.  I know some people will say that orientation is a stupid thing to quibble about, but Steve Jobs was known to obsess over far smaller things (I'm not saying this was one of them), and that's what makes Apple products so well thought-out.


So what is the point of putting the headphone jack on the bottom?  Can anyone give me a real reason that I can support?  I really want to be able to get excited about this phone, but at this point I think it's unfortunately a deal-breaker for me.

iPhone 4S
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