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When upgrading to iOS 6 beta using the ipsw file, ensure when you connect the device to iTunes, and select your device, that on the summary screen you use the ALT (button press) + CHECK FOR UPDATE button combination to install new iOS 6 beta, this way you wont have the activation issue.


If you use the ALT + RESTORE button combination in iTunes you may encounter an activation issue telling you that your device is not registered with the iOS developer program.


If you have already done this then revert back to iOS 5.1 ... to do this... connect your device to iTunes, press and hold home button and power button of your iPhone for 10 seconds then release just the power button, keep the home button down and you will be offered to restore you phone by way of an alert box.


To find the original ipsw file of iOS 5.1 you will need to look in your XCODE organiser under software images, you can then reveal this in finder.


once restored back to iOS5.1 you can then upgrade using the correct key combination of ALT + CHECK FOR UPDATE.





ensure you device is added to your Provision Portal in the iOS member center under devices. You can use XOCDE organiser to get your UDID, or even to add your device to the list.