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The other day I was trying to subscribe to a shared calendar (schedule for a baseball team). Instead of subscribing I ended up importing the ICS file into my main iCloud calendar. (This happened on the iPad) Unfortunately this means 160+ events, basically one a day from May-September.


I determined that deleting was quickest using iCal on my Mac. But after deleting the events in iCal, the changes did not propogate to my iPad or iPhone calendars.


So I tried on the iPad. I even did a test by deleting one event, and watching it automatically delete on the iPhone. I should point out here that up to now I have not had any problems with iCloud calendar syncing. So then I proceeded to delete all the events on iPad. But still the events persisted on my iPhone!


Just now I deleted one month of the events from my iPhone. I went to the next month, deleted a few more, and when I went back to look at the first month (July), the events had re-appeared.




I've logged into icloud.com and I see the events are still present there. If I double-click the event, it gives me the message "coudln't load event details". This only happens for these events, not all my events. And the delete buttons is greyed out! Not sure how to get these events out of my iCloud calendar now.


It makes me wonder if iCloud has some logic built in to roll back changes, if too many calendar modifications happen in a short period of time, as a way to prevent unintentional mass-deletion?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1