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I want to buy one, but I don't know which I should get. I want it to come before I get the iPhone on the 21st so that way I can apply it to the phone right away. But, I am scared that the screen protectors won't fit because the dimensions of the phone were just announced yesterday, so how did these companies know them beforehand?

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    Try the iPhone accessories forum. This one is for support actually using the phone.

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    Make sure it claims to be explicitly cut to fit the iPhone 5.  It will take a little while for those to show up too - the best ones (eg. my preference for all screen protectors is www.boxwave.com) are laser cut, and they really need a device in hand to be sure their laser templates are correct.


    For what it is worth, I've never used a screen protector on my 3g, 3gs nor my current 4 and their screens are just fine - no scratches at all, and even the oleophobic coating is holding up fine.

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    Guys the one with the highest reviews is the Extreme-Shield®, it is specifically designed for the iPhone 5 and is available at:


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    I just bought and tried a product called Liquid Armor based on a recommendation a few days ago.  It seem's simple enough to use.  You simply wipe it on, let it cure, then buff off your screen with the included micro-fiber cloth.  I can tell there is something there but I can't say 100% that it is actually providing "additional" protection.  It does not change the appearance of the screen or add any "tackiness" to the screen.  The screen looks as good with it on, as with it off.  Exactly what I want as I do not want to use a screen cover on my iPhone 5 and iPad.  I think that with the gorilla glass they are already very durable and (having been a Zagg user before) simply want the beauty of my device to show without having something on it.  However, being OCD, I just have a hard time leaving my devices "naked".  So, I figure for the $19.95 I paid at CompUSA, it can't hurt.  And there is enough to treat multiple devices more than once.  Just an alternate consideration to the usual options.  I'll post more once I have gone a while with it and see how it works long term.


    Hope this helps.

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    i just got my screen protector for my iphone 5. it fits perfectly. you can even protect the camera lens and there is even a hole for the microphone at the back. superb!


    bought it on amazon or just google martin fields. have been using them for my previous iphones too.

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    I was waiting for the PowerSupport anti-glare screen to come out for my new iphone, but it's not due until end of October, so I went with a Clarivue as it was highly rated. Mistake; this protector can't hold a candle to the matte Powersupport one I had on my last 2 phones. Smudges, wipes, fingerprints... they all show up on this so I'm wiping it off more than I did the bare phone glass! A word of caution when you're shelling out $15...

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    I think Power Support and SGP made the best screen protector out there. But one thing I don't really get is, why PS has 5 cuts for the front screen? One is Facetime camera, speaker, light ambient sensor and home button, total 4 cuts. What is the cut on the left hand side of the camera?  Looks ugly and weird!