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    Then maybe you should see all the ones on both the threads that aren't (clue - non sequitors) ... just a thought 

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    Here's another Apple customer with what sounds like the same problem. Owner of a MacBook Pro 2.2 purchased new in 2007. Installed Lion last spring. Computer started running hot. Six weeks ago began to have the screen black-out issues followed by start up failures, which got better after a control-s restart. Then screen lock-ups with odd patterns convinced me to take it to an Apple Authorized Service Provider. They tested the computer, found a logic board problem, suggested I call Apple. Apple Phone Support, at the supervisor level, suggested getting a "second opinion" and pointed out that the computer was out of warrantee.


    The computer still functions well enough before it gets hot. I copied the Documents file to an external drive. The next day it ran long enough to get the recent photos backed up.


    Perhaps the most efficient thing to do is put it on a shelf and see if Apple takes responsibility.

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    Sorry to be facetious - really I am - but good luck with that last bit ...

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    Unfortunate timing, just before christmas, but my 2008 MacBook Pro died for the 3rd time

    on 20th Dec 2012! I again spent approx 4 hrs removing the logic board, baking it in the oven, reapplying thermal paste and screwing it all back together again. Again to my surprise the repair worked. But I conclude that my pro seems to fail like clockwork 4.5 months after re-baking. Also what’s interesting is that the symptoms prior to failure are not consistent.


    Jan 2012 failure - no warning, could not boot up pro in the morning

    July 2012 failure - about a week of occasional horizontal lines, and then a “hang” after which I could not boot up

    Dec 2012 failure - no warning, screen went black while watching a DVD after which I could not boot up


    I expect another failure in April 2013!


    Although it makes me angry that a £1300 early 2008 laptop fails like this, and makes me very wary of buying another MacBook in 2015 (I replace hardware every 7 years) although I will as I hate PCs and Windows, it does still give me a buzz and sense of achievement when I again hear the familiar boot up chime!


    Q1 My MacBook fails after only 4.5 months. I wonder if I’m applying too much or too little arctic silver thermal paste to the (scrupulously and correctly cleaned) CPUs? Has anyone resurrected their pro for much more than 4.5 months?


    Q2. This problem affects 2007/2008 MacBook pros. Is there any evidence that 2009/2010 MacBook pros have the same problem? If its related to the poor quality lead-free solder that Apple use, then did Apple start using better solder in 2009 ?


    Q3. Has anyone paid a shop to fix/bake/reflow their logic board? If so, does the fix last 4.5 months (1.5 months after their 3 month “guarantee”) ?


    Good luck to everyone who DIY bakes their pro! It certainly seems to fix the problem… for 4.5 months!



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    I've responded to this a few times in both of these threads, but you're right the reflow only works 3 months - I did it several times before going to bga_repairs on ebay who will replace the GPU with an updated one one and do a permenant fix.  It's a little more expensive than the cheap reflows, but thery will eventually damage your board beyond repair.  If you can find an equivalent to this company in your area (they are in the UK), you should do it.  I had it done a year ago and everything has been fine since.  I however, having been an erxplusive Apple user since the 80's am going to actively investigate any alternatives to Apple for all my various devices from here on in - they aren't the company they were - they just dress standard off the shelf computer components up as expensive and don't live up to their hyperbole anymore.  I actually took my computer back to the store after the first reflow to prove I had the GPU issue and they just didn't want to know - they looked me in the eye and at the most charitable I'd have to say they (genius's included) were too stupid to understand, but I know that they just didn't give a ****.

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    Hmmmm… “Dr Jezz”, thanks for the lead. Following the “80/20 rule”, I plan to use my now 5 year old MacBook pro for another 2 years, as personally I think 7 years adequate or 80% satisfaction and use of a consumable is acceptable although I’d prefer to get 10 years use for £1300 (I got 7 years adequate to painful use out of a £800 Dell Inspiron). I live in the UK midlands so I’ll ask BGA REPAIRS for a quote to both analyze my problem and then if required replace the GPU as I wouldn’t want my future (careful but DIY) logic board bakes to permanently kill my MacBook Pro before its 7 years old, especially as my next MBP will probably cost me at least £1500 if not £1800.



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    Ahhh - glad to hear that post was useful to someone in my own position.  you're definitely doing the right thing, my MBP is now happy as Larry (despite Apple insisting to this day that my logic board was/is non-functioning - honestyly, the bile rises as I type) - but I do use a laptop cooler all the time now (made no difference to the cheap reflows).  You know I'm still using my 2000/1 Tibook to surf the next loaded with 10.5.8 - THAT's the experience I used to have with all of my previous Apple gear going back to the 80's.  The extra price was worth it, notice the tense.  Good luck to you Prometheus - ironic name for someone having heat-related problems


    On another note, these two threads together (the other being have now exceeded the quarter of a million views - surely someone at Apple cant have failed to take notice of this and be coming down on whoever set up this 'diagnose everyone with dead logic boards at ridiculous prices to save Nvidia the price of repairs yet stuff our own customers malarky)

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    and another customer with the same problem ... I THINK IT IS BACK TO PC FOR ME

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    Prometheus, did you ever go to BGA repairs - was wondering how you got on this time?

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    I am having the same issue as those have mentioned above. My iMac was purchased 10/2011 and the logic board died early this month (1/2013). The computer is under 18 months old and Apple is refusing to repair it free-of-cost because the machine is just out of warranty. This is the second issue I've had with a computer logic board dying: my Mac laptop logic board died in 2006, again under 18 months old and required repair. There is obviously an issue with some of the logic boards being produced with Apple. I shouldn't have to feel like I have to purchase a warrantee when I purchase an item. Warrantees should be insurance against unforeseen problems that arise out normal age. As consumers, we've come to expect that computers will last a minimum of three years, at which point we're going to replace it with a newer operating system and faster CPU. It is a great concern that Apple products seem to be breaking down faster than industry norms.


    It is unacceptable in my mind that Apple doesn't feel responsible to produce a peice of hardware that can last at minimum three years and to replace that peice of hardware when it doesn't make it this long. When I buy a computer, I expect it to last at least a few years without any major problems.


    When I initially took the computer in, I was told that I would have to replace the power supply. I questioned why this would be an issue and was told that Hurrican Sandy created a lot of "dirty" energy that's causing hardware failures. I was dissapointed with this answer - since, as I told them, the computer was always plugged in to a surge protector - but I didn't want to expend time and energy arguing.


    When the issue turned out to be the logic board and not the power supply, I stated that this shouldn't be happening and the response was that they agreed, but there was nothing they could do, referring to computer failures as if they were an ethereal, mystical force at work that no one has any control or understanding of. Computer issues happen because of bad hardware or mistreatment of that hardware. It's as simple as that. There are no computer gremlins causing my computer to fail. It sits on a desk all day and so any issues that are ocurring are due to bad hardware. It should be expected that hardware should last, not that it will fail and I have to purchase a warranty to cover it. If these logic board failures are going to happen as frequently as they appear to - based on everyone's response above - then the warranty that comes with the computer should be longer to begin with.

    I have been a Mac user for many years, because I generally like the operating system. I have converted one office over to Macs and was going to try to convert another, but after this, I'm seriously considering moving to PC. It is no longer worth the extra money to pay for an Apple when the device can't make it even a third of the length of time that most HP computers last. I'm terribly dissapointed. There have always been problems with Macs, but in the past, customer service and the so-called "Geniuses" have dealt with this fairly and responsibly. Since Steve Job's passing, customer service has been dissapointing (rude, unhelpful), tech support has been incompetent (it takes them a long time and many tries to figure out the issue), poor quality control (hardware failures), and weak product rollout (Apple Maps for the iPhone 5).

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    Got also logic board failure - system didn't load, either from cd.

    Currently I located in Russia,Saint-Petersburg, so I found authorized service center,

    and after visiting it, I had strong feeling that I know much more about macs hardware, because at first they told me it's a problem with a hard drive. I leaved mac on more detail tests, and after two days they agreed it was logic board.

    They contacted Apple and ordered a new logic board. It'll arrive in a 2-6 weeks and it'll cost $800, they said.

    So, after a month of waiting, I call to the service center and they told me that Apple is delaying new logic board because they couldn't find a suitable one.

    So why in the **** did Apple didn't tell about it at the beginning?

    Now after one month without a laptop I will wait one month or even more to get it back.

    I was mac fan before I meet such an awful service.

    I bought a laptop in 2011 for the $4000. With this repair cost total price is $4800.

    So, is it OK to pay such many for such service? Never ******* ever I'll buy a mac or will recommend it to someone.

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    Apple, Schmapple...

    Most of the time I feel like I am being held hostage by Apple, and to be honest, their products just aren't as great as they would have us believe.

    Having used PC's for many years, I thought I would try a Macbook Pro, well after many "hardware" issues, I think I made a mistake, especially since the initial cost for the Macbook is relatively high, considering what you get.

    As soon as I can find a buyer for the Macbook, I'm going back to my trusty old HP, nothing like a little distance for a fresh perspective.

    I can't wait to get rid of this finicky, inconsistent expensive word processor.

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    I have to save your post as it may get deleted. I totally agree with you and I really can't see why anyone would buy more then one Apple computer, EVER.


    They simply are not any better then any other computer on the market and as far as the OS is concerned OS X is no better then Windows and it certainly is not easier to use. The old and Wrong wording, "It Just Works" is a LIE.


    At least that has been my experiences with all things Apple.


    More then likely my post will be deleted also.

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    So sad, my 1997 17" MBP had the Video Logic Board go with no help from Apple and my new replacement 2012 15' MBP is giving the clank, clang sound of a dying Hard Drive after only 6 months. Sorry Apple, you have lost a 15 year customer. (still no back space? Really?)

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    Um, Apple doesn't make the hard drives - those are covered by the manufacturers warranty - plus if you should have the AppleCare coverage (one year) even if you didn't get the extended warranty.

    Can't blame Apple for that drive failure.