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Hi, I was recently informed that my iPod nano 1st gen. purchased in 2006, was eligible for a replacement because of the overheating battery problem. Now this recall was made mid-late 2011. Once I type in my code, it says I the Serial Number has been claimed already. I contacted Apple and they told me that this was because my 1 yr limited warranty had expired so I am not eligible anymore. How does this make any sense at all? What was the full reason of putting this recall in the first place? 99% of users bought their Nano when it came put even say 2 yrs after. Recall made 5 yrs later. Almost no one will have a Brand new Nano 1st Gen. within its warranty by then. If I am missing something, can someone please help me clarify a few things as I am quite puzzled.


Thanks a bunch !



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    I just successfully ordered a replacement. Is it possible that you entered a wrong digit or letter for the serial number? It may be that you entered the serial number of someone who already sent theirs in. Worth a try re-entering it, anyway. (The font is very small!) Also, there were only about 20 countries to choose from when I filled out the form, so your country may not have been included (or its period may have lapsed).

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    I know I didn't enter the serial number incorrectly, as I tried a few times. I basically says my number is wrong / has been claimed, I don't think I even get a chance to go to the country selection. I live in Canada so I am assuming it will be available. I will try again to re-enter but i doubt anything will work at this point. How old is your Nano? Is it more than a year old? If it is then you fall exactly in the same boat as I do. They are replacing all the ones with the plastic front plate, mine is exactly that one. If it had to do woth time, it should allow me to enter my serial successfully and then when comes time to place the order, it should then notify me that the offer time has expired. This is literally my Nano being the brick wall here. I don't know what to do -_- .... Apple wasn't very helpful at all, almost didn't serve me or tell me anything because my 1 yr warranty was expired. Who does that?

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    Sorry to hear that.


    Mine is from 2006, I think.


    The offer is only for the ones from 2005-6 that look like the picture at the website. It's not for other battery problems with other iPods.


    This isn't anything to do with warranties for newer models. Mine's been out of warranty for more than 5 years. It's just one of those flukes where they're offering to replace things from a long time ago because 1/100,000 of them could have safety problems.


    So maybe yours is a different issue than the one I was replying about. Sorry for any confusion if that is the case.

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    Yes mine is exactly like the ones in the picture, it is even written 2006 at the bottom of the nano. I received mine in Spring '06 and it is the 1st gen. so technically it is eligible... Mine has been out of warranty for 5 yrs also. I will try to take it to my Nearest Apple store and hopefully something will happen there.


    Thanks for replying to my post :)


    If any Apple employee reads this and can further help this issue / solve it, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    hey i have the same one and it says that mine doesn't qualify for a replacement but when you look at it. its says 2005 on it and it a 4gb white iPod Nano with a plastic case and metal backing. and the site said that it doesn't qualify at all. so i'm in the same hole your in right now.

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    Actually mine is written 2006 on the rear plate at the bottom. My cousin has the same one as mine (he doesnt want to change it though) everything is identical model number and year. Just serial is different... If i input his number, it is valid but mine only states it has been claimed already, I know it is eligible, because if it weren't, it would state not eligible. I tried many different things already

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    hi Aracif,

    you have two option: either call customer sevice and explain the situation

    or type you serial number and change one digit or letter: instead of 5 type S or instead of 8 type B etc. Coz we all know fingerslip happens

    When they recive your ipod and its eligible for this program they will send you a replacement. They will check actual ipod s/n and not the one you just use to get service in the first place.

    Worked for me but if you dont wanna be cheaky, just give them a call


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    Does anyone know the number to call? This replacement program is still going because Ive seen other questions where people just recently have received replacements. I get an error everytime I try. I think its because I live in Puerto Rico...which I think is stupid because they are replacing ipods to people all over the world..and I live just a 30 min plane ride from Florida. I want to call Apple directly and see what the problem is but I know that when your product warranty is us...they want to charge you for tech support. I dont feel like paying for tech support for something that is their issue. I also read that since there are no more ipod nano 1st gen...people are receiving the 6th gen model and 8gb. Not a bad deal at all. Worse comes to worst Ill mail it to family that can replace it for me since there are no Apple Stores here in Puerto Rico.

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    "I live in Puerto Rico...which I think is stupid"


    Hey, don't be so hard on yourself.  We all have to live somewhere.  You can take your iPod Nano to the nearest Apple Store.

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    LIving in Puerto Rico is not the problem. The fact that Apple doesnt here IS, and there are ZERO apple stores here. The closest we have is the little bar in Best Buy...which I would like avoid going to since its an hour away & people are so lazy and shady that they probably wouldnt replace it even if they should. Thanks for the boost of confidence though, Carl. Lol.

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    Hi there,


    I know it's been like half a year since you last posted, but did you ever resolve this and get a replacement? I'm in the same situation with the online request, getting the error message every time. I've been trying once every couple of months to no avail. I also live in Puerto Rico and think this is the cause of the error message, but makes little sense to me as I was able to order and receive the iPhone bumper back when "antennagate" was happening.