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My iPhone 4S has been fine for the past few months until i got this annoying problem. I can't call people or receive calls. or text anyone or receive any texts. I only receive calls and texts when I am at home. I have good service at some times. Like when i make a call it doesn't ring or anything. when i try to end it the call it says 'ending' but it doesnt end so i have to shut it off and turn it on again. when i send a text at the top when it says 'sending' it stops near the end. my buddy said she got the text and texted me back but i never got the text. i got the text later on when i got home. And my 3G doesnt work. Then I get anpother problem. My phone won't charge when it's plugged in. It only works when i plug it in then shut it off. then it charges when it is off. I dont get it. I can't figure out what is wrong.. Should I bring in my phone to get checked out at carrier Tbaytel/Rogers? It has been going on for a few months. I tried reseting my Network settings it didnt worrk.