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I signed up for iTunes match on my iMAC running the newest OSX (Mountain Lion) and the latest version if iTunes. I have Comcast Internet service at 10 up/40 down. I have the iMac linked wirelessly thorough a Cisco wireless router running a standard config. It seems to start off fine with step 1) Gathering information about your iTunes library. At the end of that step, it just sits there, never moving to Step Two. I called Apple and they had me monitor the activity log a it did this to see if it was hanging up on a song. It was not. They made another suggestion which I did, but to be honest, it was a a week ago and I can't remember what it was. It also did not work. At this point I am very frustrated since I am paying for this service and it dies not seem to work for me. Anybody have similar experiences and what did you do to fix it? I leave for China at the end of the week and wanted this up and running. HELP!

iTunes Match, Mac OS X (10.7.4), iTunes 10.6.3(25) 64 bit
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    same as for me; it all happened after upgrading to Mountain Lion. It's a general problem i guess

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    Update - Last night based on another post in here, I tried to fix it by logging out of iTunes, turning off the Genius feature, and then logging back in. Based on my experience, DON'T do this. Not only did it not change my plight, but now Apple thinks taht I have two computers (which are actually the same one) authorized. Now I have to figute out how to undo that!


    APPLE - I NEED YOUR HELP! Your idea of sending me here for solutions made things worse.


    Although Amazon has a similiar service, I REALLY REALLY want this service because of the five MACs, two iPads, four Touches, and two Apple TVs we have. We invested in a "Apple" Home, please invest in me by solving this problem! Thanks in advance....

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    Many more people including me are having the same issue.  What abadsopport fromApple!!

    There are many post wit this issue an Apple does not provide any solution.  This is not what I was expecting from Apple, but I guess I will need to start thinking in movin to a different platform.

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    After much research and no help from Apple, I find that different things seem to work for different people. For me, rebuilding the iTunes library did the trick. I found the instructions at http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1451

    This also worked for some other people and did not require me to delete any songs, reclassify them, etc. as some other posts suggest.

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    I have an Imac, Macbook, Iphone and Ipad... I love mac products but the itunes match service is driving me crazy! I feel cheated because I am paying for a service that just does not work. As a loyal customer, I hope apple returns the love by fixing this issue ASAP, it seems to be a very common problem!!!