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Hi all,


I am a newbie to the OS X Server world so please don't laugh if my question sounds dumb.  I am a network admin for a 100+ Windows users on a MS Active Directory, Windows 2008 Server network.  I am so sick of Microsoft and the unnecessary complication of many of the tools and interfaces that I have to use on a daily basis just to keep my network up and running.  Although I am just thinking out loud at this point, I am curious if it is possible to migrate away from the Windows Server 2008 network to an OS X network?  If it were possible my goal would be to migrate all the users to an OS X server from the Active Directory domain controller, then dump the MS server.  I would still have a few MS file and database servers around for awhile and 100+ windows users / machines.  Am I nuts or is this a possibility.  Any info would be appreciated.


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    You are nuts.


    OS X Server is good with OS X clients.  If you plan to continue to support the 100+ Windows clients, and they are domain members, then stay with Windows.


    If you are going to replace the Windows clients with Macs, then the discussion is different. 


    And don't get me started on the superiority of Exchange (despite its complexity) over Apple's groupware solutions.  Let's just say that using iCal server and Address Book server on OS X will exclude Windows clients from participating unless you change all your tools.  Or you would need a product like Kerio.

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    I don't think you are nuts for wanting the über-stable system of Mac OS X. I do think that Strontium90 is right when he implies that you should keep the windows server to service your windows clients.


    You could however set up an email server that you connect to your AD-domain and tell the Mail server to use AD authentication for it's service, leave the old one running, install the mail account for the new server at the clients and let them manually transfer all email. When finished point your MX record with the lowest (10) priority to you new server (mac) wile giving your old server (win) a higher (20)  priority to your windows machine for backup purposes.


    What services do you run anyway?

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    Thanks for the comments guys.  I really appreciate them.  Unfortunately we probably wont be able to get away from the Windows PC's for a long time.  We recently invested in a lot of new Windows PC's for our users. I want our network to be simple.  I dont care about Group Policy, Distributed File Systems, etc and many of the other features Windows 2008 R2 has to offer.  DHCP, DNS and a nice User control center is all I need.  We do use Microsoft Exchange 2007, but I heard the new OS X supports it in some way.  I guess since you guys recommend not going the way of OS X becuase of all the Windows machines, I completely understand.  Just thought it might be possible.  Thanks, Pete

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    Instedd of using MS AD you can use Keberos as autentification server. Then it dosent mather wheter your user have Mac or a boring MS PC.


    Here you have a link to howe you setup a server and clients.


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    Hi IPeRi,


    Thanks for the Kerberos idea.  I will have to investigate that and see if I might be able to make it work.  I am not familiar with Ubuntu or Linux, so I dont know if that will be an issue or just a learning curve so to speak.  Pete