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So I've been working in FCPX for several months now and I've got a major issue going on.  I opened a current project that I'm working on for a client and out of the blue, I'm getting around 20 files saying that they are missing in both my project timeline and my event browser.  Select my event and go to the relink command, and get an error message popping up saying that the files are modified and can't be relinked.  I've scoured the forums for a way to fix this without having to recut the 1st half of this project, which is my only option right now.  When inside of the relink window, it's seeing the 19 or 20 missing files, then when it's moving them down to the lower part of the window in the step before it relinks them it kicks me the message that the files have been modified and can't relink them.  NOTHING has been modified. Location is the same, HD is the same, etc... ***!!!!


Is there any way to relink files that you know are the right files and force override FCPX's Relink functions, like you could do in FCP 7?



Final Cut Pro X, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)