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Hi there people,


A quick question about itunes....


I'm trying to sort and tag my albums for my new ipod. I have found the problem of multiple cover arts displaying for one album in cover flow. I like cover flow and will be using it, so was trying to tidy it up.


I have solved the issue for compilations - set album to compilation and it registers as one album cover which is great.


However, the same problem exists with single artist albums. Eg. a single artist album with some duets on it will appear as different artists in the menus and so will appear as multiple cover arts in coverflow...


This is resolvable by setting it as a compilation, but then the artist disappears from the artist menus and will only be findable in the compilations menu. eg. I have a Tony Bennett duets CD. By setting it to a compilation album, it solves the multiple album art issue in coverflow, but Tony Bennett no longer appears in my artists menu when I search, he only appears in the compilations menu anonymously.


Is it possible to set albums with one main artist (eg. my Tony Bennett album) so that they will register properly by name in the artists menu and will only display one album on coverflow? 


Thanks if anyone has any thoughts or answers.



Ps. in the 'get info' option when tagging albums in itunes, does anyone have a walkthrough link or a quick understanding to the 'sorting' tab? I'm guessing it could be useful. I'm pretty new to all this. Thanks again.

iPod classic, 160gb
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    Perhaps this page put together by another forum member turingtest2 can be of assistance.

    Grouping Tracks Into Albums"



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    Hi. Thanks. That's a great page. - very helpful.


    It seems like this is a recognised problem. Looks like I'll have to do a workaround.



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    Unfortunately that is the case.



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    Use Album Artist under Get Info. Type in the main artist (e.g. Tony Bennett). Do this for any tracks that are showing as performed by the artist and a collaborator. This works for me and the tracks in question still have the name of the collaborator on my IOS devices. Hope this helps

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    Thanks for the reply gasboy. I had tried that a while ago. It seems to work for newer apple devices - eg. iphones and ipod touches. However, it doesn't seem to register on my ipod classic. From what I have gathered, this seems to be a recognised problem and we just have to do a workaround of some sort. I couldn't be bothered to change all the song details on every track for these particular albums, so in the end I just labelled them as compilations/various artists and they appeared as one album. Cheers though.