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I have a motorcycle and a bluetooth helmet. Waze works fine.

I thought that IOS6 would transmit directions through bluetooth, but it doesnt seem that way.

Even when siri is activated through bluetooth (showing the bluetooth icon,) the maps

app doesnt take it into account. Is this normal behavior?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    I have found Waze to be the only (free) GPS App that successfully sends turn by turn voice directions to Bluetooth headsets. Have no idea why this is such an issue with iOS 6 Maps and Mapquest.

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    The Google Maps app seems to work with giving turn by turn directions via Bluetooth. Every time a turn is announced Google Maps tricks my 2008 Altima Coupe into thinking its making a hands free call and announces the directions over Bluetooth. Siri seems to work the same way (after I push/hold the home button). However, if I have my phone plugged into the aux input on my car Siri does not work over Bluetooth.

    It would be nice if Apple added audio source options to Apple Maps like iOS does with phone calls.