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Hi All,


We use an Xserve (2x3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon) for our production/graphic design team.  I have a 1TB ADM dedicated to "live" jobs and another 1TB ADM for "archived" jobs.  (A third, smaller ADM houses OS X Server only...) 


Both 1TB drives have a dedicated 1TB external drive for nightly backups and another for weekly backups (we use SuperDuper).  This very basic system has worked well for us, but our storage needs are increasing.  I'd like to double our current scheme -- just bump the "live" and "archived" environments up to 2TB.


I see a lot of NAS and SAN options.  Main concerns for me are:

1) compatibilty with our current Mac OS X Server environment;

2) cost; and

3) ideally, preservation of our clean and simple backup scheme

Wanted to get input from other Xserve/OS X Server users as far as the best options for this transition...



MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    I am a huge fan of the Netgear (formerly ReadyNAS) NAS devices.  I've owned 2 of them now, and am now standardized on the little 4-bay NVX Pro.  It supports AFP perfectly as well as Time Machine, SMB/CIFS for any windows needs, iSCSI, NFS, RSYNC, etc. etc.  iSCSI is a great option not to be under-estimated, though NFS is the more traditional backup model for Network storage.  I backup several Apple machines to the single NAS, which is now running 4x3TB drives in the XRAID2 format (essentially RAID5).  I can pull a drive in live production and swap it out and the RAID re-syncs without interrupting file transfers, etc.  It's also got some nice plugin's of some open source tools like Subsonic server, Wordpress, etc. etc.  They make a myriad of devices with the same basic software, just different amount of drive bays, enterprise vs. SMB market, etc. etc.  Again, I chose the NVX Pro, but there are other options up and down the line-up.  And no, I have no officialiation with Netgear, in fact on a certain level, my company competes with them :-)  Lastly, remember, there is value in off-site backups as well, in case of fire, theft, etc. If you're really paranoid, like me, you could additionally mirror your NAS to an off-site NAS or other cloud-based solution.  Of course, there's a cost for everything.  Good luck with it.

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    This was a setup I used. An Xserve with OS on an SSD, The first 2 1TB drives Raid 5, for OS replication,

    then a 14 TB Promise Vtrak Raid via Fiber for the users and files. We then had a 24 TB super micro NAS

    that we TIME MACHINED the data from the Promise to Via ISCI.

    Apple never supported TM for Enterprise backup but after 3 drives failed in the promise we dis a restore from the NAS ( 9 TB of data ) took just under 4 hours to do the restore and it WORKED FLAWLESSLY !!

    Fiber might still be a little costly but another option not mentioned was the Drobo. We tried a small 4 bay one with 4 2 TB drives via firewire 800 and it worked pretty good.

    Good luck and I would like to see what you results are .