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Im a little confused as always.


After updating to IOS 6 obviously all the podcasts I had downloaded to my phone were removed(i think) from the Music app.

All of the podcasts seem to have been migrated to podcasts apps library- but NOT all of the episodes I had downloaded?

In some cases the episodes just dissapeared off my phone completely

in some cases the episodes were migrated but have a download icon beside them as if they are no longer on my phone and I need to Re-Download them

In some cases the Episodes are listed but are grayed out so I cant really even hit the download button.



    Does this indicate that all the downloaded podcasts were deleted and the ones i want on my device need to be re-downloaded?

    I just want to make sure they re not hidden somewhere, i dont want to have 2 copise on the device wasting storage space


    How do I clean up the issue with the episodes that are listed in the library but grayed out ( not accessible) - do I just need to delete them and start over? ( these are episodes i want on my phone)


    I assume that the episodes that dissappeared I will just have to re-download??


I do not sync my podcasts with my desk top although I do back up regularly


Im just confuused and want some clarification, I feel like there is something i am missing, or have done wrong that would have made this simple and easy- but i just cant fogure it out and have found no published help on this issue. Any input would be helpful.


iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    Apologies, but I am not able to answer your questions...

    I do, however, want to assure you that you are not the only one that is confused.  A quick look at the reviews of the Podcast app in the App Store will clearly indicate that there are major problems with its functionality.

    I would consider myself a power user' of both OSX and iOS and I cannot get the app to behave as advertised nor how I want it to. Syncing across my iPhone and iPad is totally inconsistent -- some podcasts sync, others do not; some sync nearly instantly, some take hours to sync (if at all).  I have stopped syncing both devices with iTunes, deleted all my subscriptions form both and started from scratch re-subscribing and still I cannot get the two devices to show the same podcasts and I when I listen to an episode on one device it does not update to played status on the other device.

    Even more curiously, I have had two podcasts (not episodes, but complete podcast series) appear on my iPhone that I had deleted and did not re-subscribe to on my iPhone nor on my iPad, although I am subscribed to them on my MacBook Pro in iTunes.

    So, again, apologies that I am not helping, other than to let you know that you are not alone.  I think we just have to wait for Apple to devote some quality effort to debugging the app. (And yes, I do  think this is one of the worst pieces of software I have expereinced from Apple in many years of using their systems, but flaming them won't help get it fixed...)

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    I have experienced something similar. I subscribe to 11 different podcasts, two of which are premium-types that require a user name and password to update in iTunes (the fact that iTunes used to save the user names and passwords for the premium podcasts but has not for almost a year now is a whole other story - thanks, Apple).


    I normally update my podcasts in iTunes every night, and then cable sync (wifi used to work but no longer does, thanks again, Apple) with my iPod (current generation). Then, go to music, and podcasts on the iPod, and everything is there.


    Last week I upgraded to iOS6 on my iPod, which, of course, installed the new Podcast app on it. Here's the current mess I now have:


    1. Two podcasts out the 11 appear in the Podcast app. One of them is one of the premium podcasts, which I have no problem with - works fine.


    2. The second premium podcast appears on the iPod, but only after I do a cable sync, and even then I get a message when I try to access it saying "Unable to Authorize - Please contact customer service." No mention of whose customer service to contact.


    3. The other 8 or 9 podcasts are now totally gone from the Podcast app on my iPod (and iPhone 4S and iPad Gen3) and I am clueless about how to transfer them over, if that is even possible, from iTunes, or to download them over the air to my iPod, which I thought would be a snap, although it is not intuitive.


    Any and all help from anyone who knows how to o get this working again will be truly appreciated.

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    Hey Guys,

      Just wanted to say thanks for the responses- although my podcast app is still totally haywire and nearly unusable, it does make me feel a little less frustration know ing that its a buggy app and not something I am missing.

    ill just find a 3rd party app to use till they get it figured out

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    I think the solution in the short term is to delete the podcast app. It really doesn;t work as we expect it to, and no amount of workarounds will give us the functionality we had last week. Even by deleting the app, you still lose the ability to download podcasts directly onto the IOS device, which can be a pain, but I've got it as a lessor pain than dealing with everything else the app is causing us

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    I was working (im a maintenance engineer) last weekend, and having podcasts continually playing in my headphone make a dull job, a lot more fun!


    My issue came on monday, when 5 days after my monthly data allowence was recieved, it was all gone!!


    unbenkown to me, podcsat was just streaming away, even though I have the use of mobile data de activated in my settings , for podcasts!


    Then I start finding my battery running flat very quickly during the day.. turns out that after ending a phone call podcasts starts up automatically, and dew to the loud environment I work in, I dont here it singing away to itself..??


    Apple obviously didn't test this before release, as its an absolute nightmare!! what was wrong with having music, and then more music(in the form of podcasts) in the same place is beyond me!!??.. all's i can hope is that the once mighty and sofisticated Apple can pull finger, and get there act together!!



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    You're absolutely right! My data use just skyrocketed. I had ios 5 installed for a couple of weeks before doing the following: I usually love Apple apps and I thought syncing podcasts with my home computer would work, so I switched from using Instacast for podcasts to using the Podcasts app. Today I deleted the Podcasts app and I am switching back to Instacast. It's not free but minimal charge and gives you complete control of streaming vs. downloading etc. 

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    This is my least favorite app ever, included in my least favorite OS update since I started using a Mac in 1988.


    If Steve were still alive, heads would roll.

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    I agree 100% with everything you said.

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    I'm just getting into Podcasts and free iTunesU and have learned some things only by experimentation.


    Apple has a video that shows how to sync a remote device, but it's not complete.


    On your remote device (I use an iPhone 4) look to see that there isn't a circle or a download arrow next to the episode. This means the episode does not yet reside on the device. You can connect the device to your computer and using iTunes drag and drop the episode to the device. Or you can check the episode and go through the sync process.


    If you are using a computer as your master iTunes manager, it has to download the episode before the episode can be transferred to the device.


    You can use a wifi signal to transfer the episode and it won't count against your data plan. Streaming or transferring away from the hard wire or the wifi will consume data. I calculated and a one hour podcase uses about .1, that's point one, G of data. That gave my 2G data plan about 20 episodes a month (and no other data useage). I think the wireless companies love podcasts.


    So I am careful only to move episodes via wifi or cable.


    I shop for casts and individual episodes on iTunes because I can get more information and it's easier to use. Then I subscribe and check the episodes I want to listen to. I either drag and drop or sync.


    As soon as I listen to an episode I delete it to save storage on my device. I will also go back and delete from my computer.


    So, it's not Apple-elegant, but it works.

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    My advice is forget about any other podcast app most of all apple's feeble attempt.. And treat yourself to "I catcher"!! I tried another three recommended apps but very quickly

    Found myself looking for something that actually worked.. The I catcher can be slightly complicated at 1st, due to the many options they offer, and the overall complexity of the app,(help text is available for almost every button, and option on offer) but once you figure it out, it does its thing automatically and all you have to worry about is push play, and enjoy!!! By far the most advanced and bug free app out there!!!