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    Sorry, I dropped it back at the service centre today. The guy who took it in said they've seen quite a few of these.  They offered a 1-1 replacement which should be arriving soon.

  • augustya Level 1 (0 points)

    Don't u even vaguely remember what month manufacture it was ? Was it August ?

  • kingmohd Level 1 (5 points)

    Any one buying new ipad 3? Can they tell us if the issue is still there ? Or did they fix it?

  • sdpopa Level 1 (0 points)

    Guys, enough is enough. Give it a break.

  • pinkberrykay Level 1 (5 points)

    I just ought my iPad 3 5 days ago and the is no yellow hue. :)

  • augustya Level 1 (0 points)




    Can u pls post the batch and week and the serial starting like "DY" or "DM" of this recent purchase of the new iPad 3 that u have done.


    This site will give u all that details..


  • pinkberrykay Level 1 (5 points)

    DY. production week 31 August


    Hope this helps.

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    Well, with a purchase just 2 days back I was hoping you would get a sept-DY, even August units are fine is what I am hearing. So no worries. I was planning to buy one more for myself and am looking for a very recent batch one which is sept-DY yet to come across one.

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    Anybody on a SEPT-DY unit ? as yet !

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    All you guys on this thread who were waiting for a Perfect Tint Free Screens for their iPad-3 I can safely say and announce this as far as India is concerned There is no Tint found on any of the iPad-3 that I have seen people buy in the last 2 weeks or so...All screens are uniform with a fantastic Display. I myself got a week 31 AUGUST-DY Unit and I am totally mesmerised with its screen uniformity and display it is the best that it can Give you. Finally atlast ! Now I can happily say, Apple you are truly great So people here waiting for the Displays to get better. Please go ahead and wihout any fear or doubts go ahead and buy a iPad-3. It will will indeed be better. It has indeed got better !


    Peace and Happiness to All !! 

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    I bought a 64GB Wi-Fi iPad, 4th generation, today at BestBuy and have a strong yellow/brown hue.  I'm also unable to connect to the Internet. (my other iPad connected fine)  I called Applecare and the tech support person I spoke with hadn't heard of the issue so I pointed her to this forum. I had it side by side with a 1st generation iPad, the new one looks like it's set halfway to Sepia, it's that yellow/brown and dull looking.  After reading this and seeing other sites on the Internet talking about this and other issues, I'm returning it and will not exchange it for another possible defective iPad. 


    Production year 2012, Production week 39 (September) Factory DM (China - Foxconn)

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    Have you not noticed this is no longer an issue? Also, newer iPads are warmer in tone. Finally, if it's a more or less uniformly warm cast, it will most likely disappear with a few hours of use.

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    @iDave  With the new iPad realease, more display issues may emerge. The retina displays may be warmer but it doesn't rule out that some displays are defective. If it were a uniform, warmer hue I wouldn't have taken the time to research the issue and post the problems I had.  I don't know why you felt the need to try to discredit my post though you did call yourself pretentious in an earlier post in this thread. Applecare tech support was leaning towards a hardware issue based on the troubleshooting we did.  A final note, I wasn't the first to have returned a 4th generation iPad with screen issues to BestBuy.

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    Ok iPad 4th generation started having this issues is really strange... Do u wanna post pictures if your iPad-4 so we know what r u talking about ?

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    It's a well documented fact Apple has a lottery system in place with their products screens.  From computers to portables, they use different vendors and because they do the volume they do, quality control seems to be lessened.  The MacBook Pro Retina with image retention, iPads with light bleed, yellow iphone screens, iPads with very uneven coloring, and the list goes on.  I've gotten products with hair under the glass, screens with a pink left side and a green hue on the right. 


    Retina panels are still hard to make in quantity and Apple has accepted it as ok with the lower yields.  The by product though is inconvenience for customers.  Personally, if you don't need to upgrade, hold out as long as you can.  They have so many new technologies going right now and software development that is an absolute mess that they are going through some growing pains.  I'd highly advise a wait and see approach as the company is undergoing a big change and hasn't been a favorable one for the last year. 


    These products command a high price and a low level of QC.  Withholding money on purchases helps indicate customer intent and makes them aware.  They don't seem to listen to anything else other than earnings reports so I find it best to-speak with your wallet while they sue the planet into submission over every patent conceivable.


    Panels were bad in April of this year, this obviously hasn't changed.  Do yourself a favor and just get your money back.

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