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Can you sort reminders?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    Yes, by what you already Have Done, and what you have yet to do. Click the box next to an unfinished Reminder to sort it to Done.

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    You can also sort by priority - click the button to the right of the reminder.  This gives four options, none to high. Reminders are sorted by priority, high first.

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    Sorry , please ignore my previous comment.  This only applies in OS X

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    NO... YOU CANNOT. It is the most obvious ommision of a mandatory functionality I have ever experienced on my multiple iPhones with multiple iOS iterations.


    See this thread...




    You're not going to like the answer (but I already gave it to you above). There is NO sort or re-ordering functionality ON THE iPHONE (which is the main place we need it) in the Reminders app, not even in iOS 5.1 update. Ridiculous.

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    I'm still struggling, like everyone else, using Reminders the way I used to use Tasks in iCal Lion, but slowly learning new ways to achieve the same result.


    I'm getting some of my info on using Reminders from its Help menu. But other subtleties I've learned by trial & error.


    You can sort reminders by changing the due time of each, for any particular day you have chosen on the bottom left calendar.


    Note, by the way, that when you select a date on this calendar, it de-selects any of the "Reminder Lists" (called "Calendars" in iCal, and "Categories" in other older Agenda apps I've used) you might have previously selected. When you are in this mode, you cannot drag & drop any item to rearrange the priority. This subtlety is not covered in Help.


    However, if you select one or more Reminder Lists, you can sort the items within each List by drag & drop.


    Now, if you select a particular date again, all items from the same date, & the same List, with the same start time should appear in the order that you placed them (I haven't yet verified this yet because I had so many Tasks in iCal Lion).


    If this is true, then, like I mentioned above, you can then prioritize the whole list (made up of possibly many different Reminder Lists), for that day by selecting  each item & changing its start time.


    NOT easily intuitive, but I guess, quite logical, if you consider the purpose of Reminders (I think … ?).

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    So what you are really saying is...


    NO, YOU CANNOT SORT REMINDERS (at least not easily, intuitively, functionally, etc).


    Anything on an Apple product that is not EASILY INTUITIVE is not a feature, it's a PITA (Pain In The A..) work-around. We shouldn't have to do a work-around, or go thru 15 different steps, or have to stand on one foot and tilt our head to the east, just to sort our to-do lists in Reminders. I use Todo by Appigo and if you want to sort your reminders/todo list you simply hit a button that lets you move any given task up or down by drag and drop. Anytime, anywhere, EASY. That's what Reminders has always been missing and that's the ONLY type of re-ordering or sorting feature that will make it of any use to the vast majority of us who would like to use it as our primary todo list but have been forced to shutter it inside a folder and wait for the day it actually works. In the mean time, we are forced to use after market apps due to this one very simple, very obvious oversight in iOS 5.0 and currently in 5.1 (I have heard that the beta of 6.0 that developers have does have a true sort feature in Reminders... we'll have to wait for October and see if it really is true). Until I can re-order or sort ANY task in ANY list simply by clicking an "edit" or "sort" button and move it up or down in priority right within the task list screen, Reminders will continue to be as useless as "Newsstand" (wait, you mean you can actually read magazines and newspapers in iBooks? Whoa!)


    Just another month or so folks, and then we might actually have a functional Reminders app. Here's hopin'!

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    Is it possible to Sort by Due Date in iOS 6????

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    That would be great, but intuitive, therefor in an Apple OS, highly unlikely!