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iPhone 3G with current iOS software and latest version of iTunes using a Windows 7 PC.


- so I was transferring pictures from my Mom's iPhone to the computer and syncing other pictures back onto the phone. all well and good. then I do a general sync and iTunes said something about the computer not being authorized to sync apps or something. so i authorized it. **** (here's the tricky part: my mom doesn't use the iPhone for music or anything like that... just calls, texts, apps, etc. so when she first got the iPhone my brother just set up the phone using his iTunes account. I have no idea if this caused any sort of malfunction or not, but it hadn't in the past)***  After I authorized the computer, the phone just kept syncing and syncing and syncing, but nothing was happening so I just canceled it, unhooked it from the computer, and I thought that was that.


Well, earlier she tried to use a couple of her apps and they would open for a second and then just close. So i thought maybe I cut off the sync prematurely the night before. I came up to re-sync it and now (several times) I get this message that "iTunes cannot sync the apps to "name of iPhone" because apps could not be determined" message.


I tried restarting iTunes and the iPhone and re-hooking the phone up to the computer, but everytime it acts like it's syncing but then the message appears.


I ran a diagnostic test through iTunes and it said the iPhone was not being recognized, but it is. ??? It just won't sync the apps even though they are all still on her phone. They just don't work.


When I click on the Apps icon in iTunes when the phone is hooked up it shows all the checked apps on the left side, but the screen shot just says "Loading Device..."


Nothing is working and I would hate to remove all the apps and either have to re-organize all the pages or lose them completely even though they are all free apps.


Any ideas on what the issue is or a fix? Would this have anything to do with having two iPhone 3G phones connected to my brother's iTunes account?

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    Okay so I thought of something after I submitted my question.. I took my mom's phone and hooked it up to my HP Notebook PC that runs Windows Vista and synced it. after updating some apps through the iPhone's app store the phone is now working again. And my computer did not receive the "iTunes cannot sync apps..." message.


    Weird, I'll see if it continues to work tomorrow. I will try to re-sync it with her Windows 7 desktop PC and see if it gets the message again or not. 


    Weird, but it fixed it (I assume) so I figured I'd post trying to sync with another computer or operating system as a fix.

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    Just incase you are still in the same situation, i've just restarted both my iMac and iPhone and the message no longer appears, good luck! M