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Anyone else experiencing poor IPhone 5 battery life? Even with mail set for manual instead of Fetch and brightness down to lower than half, it seems like the battery drops by 1% every minute if not less? Maybe it's just that the battery isn't broken in yet?

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    Hi Dylan I think I am experiencing the same issue as you. This Morning my battery was great. It stayed at 100% for an hour listening to Music and after that it dropped ever minute or two while in use. It's now at 5%, and the usage is 5:45 hr for use and 12:30hr for standby.

    I may just be paranoid but it doesn't seem to be the claimed battery life apple spoke about when releasing the iPhone 5


    I'm a little disappointed.

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    Hi Dylan, I to am losing about 1% of battery life per minute!.  This is very disappointing and frustrating!  I hope this is an iOS 6 issue and will be fixed relatively soon with a update.  I hope!

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    A lil dissapointed as well getting about 5 hrs medium usage and 12 hrs standby. Left it off the charger last night and lost 10% battery by morning. Also screen is yellow compared to 4/4S and the speaker (not earpeice) sounds a lil muffled/distorted when locking/unlocking and sometimes on speaker phone at full volume... just afraid to get a replacement that is worse than I have now which has happened before

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    *Update* I think I found the fix. Make sure fetch is set to manual for icould and regular mail, and restart your phone. I just realize that I Haven't restarted it since I got it Friday and I could of still been activating something or similar or similar to that. It seems to have worked for me.