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I downloaded Freecell from the App store on a brand new iPhone 5. Fresh load, no restore from iTunes.


While the app was downloading, I held it until it jiggled then moved it into the Games folder. I did this all of the time with iOS 5.1.1 on my iPad 3.


That part went ok. The app is there and the game works fine.


However, there is now a ghost icon of the app on my home screen that has the loading progress bar on it. It jiggles, and I can move it, but there is no X for it. I can move it to the back screen or shove it in my "Useless apps" folder, but it won't go away. I did a reset where I hold the power/home button until it powers down. The only thing that did was clear the ghost progress. It was about 90% through, now it shows just starting.


Any clues? This looks like an iOS 6 bug. I know iOS 6 works differently. With iOS 5, when the app finished loading, the jiggling would stop automatically, which I liked. Saved me from having to press the home button. Now it continues to jiggle.

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    This happened to me from time to time in iOS 5 as well. The way I would fix it was to connect to my computer and "repurchase" the app from the computer -- you won't have to pay twice -- then sync with iTunes. The fresh, fully-downloaded copy should replace the corrupted version on your iOS device.