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Hi everyone!


I regularly use iCal and Contacts and am constantly booking Clients for appointments into iCal using personal data such as full name, full address and a phone number.


Is there a way I can get this same info over to contacts as well without having to enter the information a second time?


I do hope you can help!


Kind regards


Scope man

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    If you are consistent with your formatting of the person's details you could use an Applescript or an Automator action to do this.


    You can also link Calendar events to cards in Contacts with the URL.


    Best wishes

    John M

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    Both Calendar and Contacts aren't designed to interact this way. Calendar is for events, Contacts is for people, and there aren't convenient hooks to connect the two.


    If you're doing this frequently, you should consider a program that is designed for booking clients and handling a database of clients. Daylite, for example. I haven't used it, but I use another program (Billings) by the same company.