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As a software engineer and architect myself, I have been disappointed in the quality of iTunes Match. I had a library of about 8000 songs, and continually got stuck with about 1475 songs synced. After that point, I temporarily "removed" all of the files that didn't match and start adding one artist and/or album at a time. That has allowed me to get to over 5000 songs synced, but at the cost of a lot of time babysitting the process.


Now, I'm noticing that Apple's servers get to be very unresposive. It happened this morning (24-Sept-2012) around 11:30 UTC. and it is happening now at 3:09 UTC (25-Sep-2012). Eventually, I kill it or it has errored out. Since this past weekend, I have seen this stuck status now at least 5-6 times. Has anyone else noticed that there are time periods when Apple's servers just stop responding?



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