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Having problem with internet connectivity on WIFI - anything that depends on DNS for data whether it is a web browser or an app while using WIFI.  I call this problem "WIFI Lockout".


This happens on iphone 4, ipad 2 and ipad 3 that has been updated to iOS 6.


I am not talking about the issue of the missing apple page (day 1) or the inability to turn on/configure WIFI after updating to iOS 6.


This is what i have discovered so far.


You could be in the middle of surfing or using any app that makes data calls based on DNS (when you type google.com that is translated in the background so your device knows where to go - summary only) and suddenly you can go no where or do nothing!


Sometimes conectivity goes trouble free for long periods, other times it is repetitive "WIFI Lockout".


Yea sure, you can restart the WIFI connection, but WHO wants to CONTINUALLY do that?


Interestingly enought the device is still successfully connected to the internet via WIFI, but DNS request fail to pass successfully from the iOS 6 device.


Apple (or any curious iOS 6 user that wants to see my point), when this happens "WIFI Lockout" open up a browser before you reset the WIFI  connection and type type (google) and then “go” (I tried both safari and chrome).  A google search page will come up and you will be able to execute a search (of course any link you click on will not work as it is dependant on DNS resolution).


The above IP connection to google proves NON DNS traffic works, so the issue is not the WIFI connection to the access point that is the problem.  It is not an access point configuration/firmware or security protocol issue either because data does pass when the above steps are followed.



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    Island Man JC, that's great, I tested it on my Ipad 3 and it worked, so now I'm not anymore worried about my home network being outdated or whatever. Still it does not solve much, but understanding where the failure stands is still a kind of relief...


    Thanks !


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    That's exactly what I am seeing on all of our devices.  Three 4g iphones and an iPad 2.  I hope Apple comes up with a patch soon to resolve!

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    I have exactly the same problem, too. the only thing that will fix it is resetting the network settings, but I have to do this every time the 4s connects to a network. Very frustrating.

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    Well, I tried using my iphone 4 at work.  No issues.  So that, coupled with the fact that I have 4 devices that don't work on my home wifi network it was clear that it was something to do with my home network.  I use a Rogers Modem with a built in Wifi router.  I configured the Rogers Router to bridged mode (basically disabling all WIFI functionality) then I plugged my D-Link WIFI router into the it.  It works fine now. 


    Now this only started happening with the IOS 6 update.  So I would say that for me, some in the IOS 6 update caused an issue with my Rogers Modem/Router.



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    Apple acknowledges issue and sends a fix to Verizon users phones!


    New Knowledge Base for this even.



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    Thanks Island Man JC same frustrating problem here.  peeps say do this do that chasing their tales, Nexus 7 tablet connects to my home router Netgear WNDR 3800 EVERY TIME! Same with wifi cards in our laptops and desktops they connect every time!  I feel like a sucker buying into technology that just doesn't work.  iphone4 gets DROPPED every time. Only fix is to cycle power on router.  Lots of noise surrounding this issue: Upgrade router this that push this turn off that rub your nose click your heels and spine around 3 times then fail! Its enough to make a reasonable person look at Android.


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