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I'm in the St. Louis area right in the middle of LTE coverage. When I upgraded to the iPhone 5 from the 4, I've experienced a huge drop is signal strength. In my home, I went from 4-5 bars of service (AT&T) to 1-3 bars. In my office, I've gone from 2 bars to 'No Service'. I tried switching LTE off and doing a Network Setting reset to no avail. If I'm outside or in the car, I can usually maintain 4-5 bars. Do I have a potentially defective device or is this the new normal?

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    I'm having the same type of issue.   At the office, I use to have an ok signal, sometimes dropped calls but NEVER an issue with internet and email.  Since upgrading from 4 / ios5 to the Iphone 5 / IOS 6,  at work I go corm 1 bar to no signal all day.  I'm constantly having errors about unable to connect to mail, etc.


    I'm on AT& T and having my phone next to a co-workers who has the Iphone4/IOS5 he gets 3-4 bars I get 1 or none.   Very disappointing,  even more so than the maps issues.

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    I wish I remembered what my iPhone 4 was like for the few days I had iOS 6 prior to selling it. I ended up calling AT&T and they claim that there are LTE issues in St. Louis presently being worked on, so we'll see if it improves once those work orders are completed. If not, I'll probably head to an Apple Store to see about getting a replacement unit. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's simply a network issue in my case since I doubt there will be a replacement phone available for several weeks due to the back orders. I agree that this is a larger issue than the Maps, for me anyway. I suppose I'm lucky in that I never much use the Maps app since the car has its own system.

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    Went to Apple after AT&T said there's no issue with their service. They plugged the phone in and ran a diagnostic and saw some processes were showing frequent crashes. They assumed I had carried over some previous issues from my iPhone 4 since I restored from a backup to my iPhone 5 - despite the fact that my iPhone 4 didn't exhibit these problems.


    I was given a new phone and told to set it up as a new device rather than use a back-up. It seemed to work well. I went home and synced my apps and music back to the phone and now it's back to square one with the problems. It's a fresh phone with a fresh iOS install, so that *should* rule out hardware or the OS. Now I'm wondering if I have an app that's causing it to have issues. I have another appointment at Apple tonight, so we'll see if another diagnostic shows anything.

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    Keep us posted.


    i spoke to ATT and Apple Care,  ATT replaced my Sim card and that completely messed up data access.  after a couple hours on the phone,I was able to get into data but it was slow and I still have all the signal issues.    My next step is to replace the phone at either best buy or apple,  both show as no stock.

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    Well, I received a 3rd phone at Apple and still no fix. I then went to AT&T and got a new SIM card and the problem continued. AT&T told me basically, I just live in a bad spot. I'm right on the edge of LTE coverage (It turns out that their coverage maps aren't accurate and that there are huge areas inside the coverage that are not LTE coverage areas). Basically, I'm stuck with an unusable phone at work and barely usable phone at home. Since it only gets 1-2 bars of service, it'll plow through a full battery charge in about 4 hours if I'm using it. For once, I wish I could revert to the 3G network where I at least got solid reception.


    After all these years of cell phone evolution, it's pretty embarrassing that the most important part of a phone since their inception is still so poor that I can't stand outside in the suburban area of a major US city and get a decent signal.

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