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I am "lucky" to be one of the new iPhone 5 owners, after switching back from two years with android. Part of the reason for my switch was iTunes Match, which has been a constant confusing dissappintment.


After several iPhone restores, lengthy phone calls to Apple support (who had no idea what to do), I am still stuck as to what is going wrong with my iPhone and its syncing between itunes match and my local (mac) itunes.


Essentially, I understood (both from reading online and apple support) that I could turn match OFF on my iphone, and then sync playlists accross from my Mac. Then, I could turn my iPhone's Match ON, and it would warn me about replacing the library, but it would allow me to play my synced playlists offline, and stream the rest of my cloud music. I was somehow using this method for a few days, before today's sync changed things again. (I didnt change settings)

At this current stage, itunes match is enabled, and my computer has just finished syncing with my iphone. My iphone says it has no locally stored songs, the computer says my iphone has 19 locally stored songs (with match enabled.) I have tried various ways of syncing, enabling and disabling match on my iphone, and no combination i have tried has successfully synced my data accurately.

Side note: Apple also didnt know why after the second sync between my iphone and mac the mac song playcounts changed dramatically. (ie: from 120 plays per song to 700+ plays - And i hadnt played them obviously).

Note: All software is up to date. Screenshot here http://cl.ly/image/0y162Q2C1c2w shows status after fresh wifi-sync. (incorrect values for free space etc)




I am trying to sync playlists from my mac to my iPhone 5, and then have my iphone stream/(download) the rest of the music I dont sync across through iTunes Match.

It seems there are some bugs in iTunes/iOS 6 to do with syncing. iTunes displays different information about my iPhone, to what is in the iPhone's settings menu. EG: Itunes says there are 19 songs on my iphone, my iphone says there are no songs on it.



This sounds like a bit of a ramble, but its one of the more important issues/problems i am having with the new iPhone. Hope someone can help, or has advice!

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    What you are trying to do is clear but iTunes Match / IOS 6 does not work that way.


    You can sync playlists from computer to iDevice using the options under the music tab for your iDevice on the computer.  This will provide a local copy on the iDevice of each Song included in each Playlist selected for sync.


    With iTunes Match / IOS 6, as Songs are played from the iCloud (ie not those already downloaded in playlists) IOS 6 does in fact 'download' the Song to a local cache.  In theory this cache should be managed by IOS 6 such that it does not overload your iDevice memory - Apple have not chosen to share exactly how this operates.


    Given your notes above would suggest starting from a refresh restore on the iPhone 5 with all synchronisation performed afresh and iTunes Match switched on.

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    You cannot synchronise a playlist and have iTunes Match turned on at the same time. Else, iTunes says "Itunes Match is On" and it wont give you that option.


    Its a shame Apple decided to do it this way, I had previously downloaded aboout 10GB's of music to my iphone, only to have about 3 of my favourite songs corrupted. Only way to replace them was to delete the entire library and start again! Wasn't happy about that one! I guess i'm over using itunes match, hope they update it in the future! What a shame!

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    This is completely crazy! I have about 40 GB of music, it already took a painfully long time with iTunes Match to get them uploaded. I bought a 64 GB iPhone 5 specifically to hold all the music and I am now reduced to downloading, album by album (!?!), over WiFi.


    When there is a USB connection available!?!


    Shame on Apple.

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    Have you tried to turn Match off on the iPhone, and then manually (sync off) drag&drop to transfer the songs from iTunes to the iPhone over USB, and, lastly, turn Match back on the iPhone?  I can't be sure if it works that way, but after a recent "airplane mode" experience, that's what I'm hoping will work.

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    It is not necessary to "manually" drag-n-drop music to the iPhone. Syncing works fine and when iTM is turned back on the songs will still be on the device, as long as they are also in the cloud.

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    Thanks, Michael Allbritton, for confirming the method. It worked for me when I tried it.  It's good to know that syncing works as well as drag&drop. I use drag&drop rather than syncing because I've got more music on my desktop iTunes than I can fit on my iPhone.