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It would appear that iTunes Match has a mega bug that eats up data.


Effectively if you set it to NOT use Celular Data, it ignores you if part way through a set of downloads you move from wifi to 3G.


This means that if you queue downloads - eg 100 songs whilst happily using home wireless, and then move out of wireless - iTunes match will greedily eat up your data allowance even if you've told it not to.


Now - call me simple, if you like - but I reckon that this is a bug that the nice Apple Chappies should be fixing ASAP.


Also I reckon that this may have cost apple users a small fortune since match was released.


Makes it untrustworthy and therefore useless for mobile devices.


Of course it's a simple answer - for match if 'Use Cellular Data' is set to OFF then it should behave exactly as its says on the tin - and NOT use cellular data in the iTunes match Music setting.