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  • 360. Re: Anyone still having IOS 6 wifi issues?
    JohnC54 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    ios 6 update for ipad 3 is unstable.

    Apple needs to fix.

    After downloading and installing Filemaker Go files, WiFi connection is lost.

    A reboot restores WiFi connection, but the Filemaker Go application still seems unstable.

    Had no problems with ios 5.

    This is not helping their brand image, nor providing confidence Apple can continue to execute in a post Steve Jobs environment.

  • 361. Re: Anyone still having IOS 6 wifi issues?
    bodjee Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am also having the wifi drop problem on Linksys WRT350N. 

  • 362. Re: Anyone still having IOS 6 wifi issues?
    Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Tried HTTP Proxy Off, Auto

    DNS - is Fine on network

    Speed - is Fine on network


    Iphone 4s

    My Modem Firmware: 3.0.04


    Doesnt work


    MY staff that have Iphone 4s

    Modem Firmware:  04.12.02


    DOES work


    drStrangeP0rk : There is a IT University guy floating around here who looks after the Universities WiFi. He has a point to not plan on changing 100 WAP's firmware on these devices manually just on a chance it works.


    My Iphone 4s works fine at home with my ISP's router that IINET provided me

    My Iphone 4s works fine connecting to a Belkin WAP i have in my warehouse

    My Iphone 4s DOESNT work connecting to my Netgear WG102 with firmware 5.0 as the latest in two of my office sites. Im not prepared at this point to DOWNGRADE firmware thats 5 years older on a hunch that it might work and knock out my staff members WiFi


    Upgrading IOS6 on Ipgone 4s doesnt upgrade the Modem Firmware from what i have seen so far


    This problem occured ever since the UPGRADE from IOS5 to IOS6


    I also like to ADD: I have just opened ANOTHER Iphone 4s straight out of its BOX. Connected the Iphone 4s to my Wireless Access Points at my work

    its an Iphone 4s IOS5 5.1.1 (9B206) DEFAULT

    Model: MD234X which is SAME as my Iphone 4S

    Modem Firmware: 2.0.12

    Connects to ALL my Wireless Access Points


    This further confirms the IOS6 correlated with Modem Firmware version issues.

  • 363. Re: Anyone still having IOS 6 wifi issues?
    drStrangeP0rk Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, if you are connecting via a university call the help desk, most are using some form of proxy or captive portal. (Common on public hot spots or universities.) Again, not a wifi issue, call the help desk to get your network setting if this is your situation.


    I would also suggest that everyone in the group may want to read about captive portals and HTTP Proxies. Universities such as Berkeley for example in the Library your iOS device will use a PAC file something like proxy()lib()berkeley()edu/proxy.pac. When you done, set it to none since you are not using any kind of proxy.


    Again, turn off HTTP Proxy in Wifi unless your network uses one.


    For particular routers I would think this is not the place to get information about their firmware..


    Remember Apple controls the Hardware and Software.


    There is not an issue with WIFI in IOS6.


    It is funny that a press organization with a lab that has done other reviews that are considered in depth did not find the problem. They could just test it and report their findings, see if the reporters sources are in-fact accurate, after all that seems to be what a good tech-journalist would do.


    If the network has no proxy, turn it off in WiFi.


    But I guess iPhone stories drive traffic.

  • 364. Re: Anyone still having IOS 6 wifi issues?
    ysetiawa Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    exactly.. Apple doesn't say anything that it's a problem with iOS 6.  the Genius blamed it on  my router. letting all of us went crazy. and NOT giving us any choice to downgrade. They should just admit it, and downgrade it until it's resolve instead of using all of us as for testing their products.

    The tech support offered me to buy Apple Care.. what??? you screwed up and I have to pay $50 to extend my support?

  • 365. Re: Anyone still having IOS 6 wifi issues?
    PamDavey Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes there are BIG issues. Downgrading my router firmware was the thing that finally got me back on line again. Steve Jobs would have fired people!

  • 366. Re: Anyone still having IOS 6 wifi issues?
    JimHdk Level 7 Level 7 (23,635 points)

    Please note that the step of downgrading router firmware is to avoid a bug that was introduced by the router manufacturer in their latest level (believe me it happens). In the case of iOS 6, apparently some feature of the Wifi protocol is being used which was not used in iOS 5. Unfortunately, this feature is not being handled correctly in the latest router firmware level and one has to backup to the last level which did not include the bug. It is up to the router manufacturer to release new firmware which corrects the error. Hopefully this will occur.

  • 367. Re: Anyone still having IOS 6 wifi issues?
    dee_vee_eight Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Had this problem on 5 Apple Items, 2 x Iphone 4, 2 x Ipad 2, and the new Iphone 5, all after upgrading to IOS6. The Iphone 5 came with IOS6 already on it


    Tried all the fixes I could find, finnally have got it working (well for the last 12 hours at least) by changing from WPA-PSK to WPA2-PSK on my D-Link router


    Hope that might help someone else out there as it was frustrating the **** out of me!!!


    Good luck

  • 368. Re: Anyone still having IOS 6 wifi issues?
    Abin A Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well it's not a DNS or router problem because all my other devices are still working smooth and fine over Wi-Fi.


    it's funny when people think, it's just a problem caused by DNS or a router. If it was then,


    • How come all my other devices are working fine.
    • Why is it only after a iOS6 upgrade this problem started, whereas it was working all good before upgrade.


    Apple have to admit its a iOS 6 problem, they don't have to blame it on router manufacturer or ISP.


    I Would encourage everyone who is having issues with wifi to complete a feedback form. Select your product and submit the issue to Apple.



  • 369. Re: Anyone still having IOS 6 wifi issues?
    Inchbeag Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    drStrangeP0rk, Might I ask you a question please?


    First the facts.


    My iPad3 was delivered on the day of release in UK.


    It worked flawlessly and is a joy to use.

    My Sister bought an iPad3 the same day.


    Every wireless device in the house, and outbuildings get good signal strength.


    I upgraded, I use the term loosley, to iOS6. Since then no WiFi.


    My sister visits with, as near as makes no difference, identical iPad3 hardware.


    She has not upgraded.


    Her iPad gets great WiFi, streams films and does all that mine did before the iOS change.


    Now in view of the above facts that the only variable to have changed is the operating system on what basis do you believe that the fault is not Apple's operating system change and is due in some way to the ISP, Router, or Phone Line Supplier?


    In other words you blame anyone but  Apple

    ( Not that I'm suggesting for one minute that you work for or are connected with Apple in any way )

  • 370. Re: Anyone still having IOS 6 wifi issues?
    Phiddler Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Problem solved!


    I changed my router (TP-Link)  encryption to WPA2-TKIP.


    Now all is fine!

  • 371. Re: Anyone still having IOS 6 wifi issues?
    Edward Senior Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I persuaded the retailer to replace my ipad wifi, which worked fine before I upgraded to IOS6 and then would not connect to WiFi at my workplace, with a new ipad.


    This time I have not upgraded it to ios6.


    It works fine at my workplace. Internet speeds are also back to their previous levels.


    This may or may not convince Apple that the problem is with ios6 but it seems clear to me!

  • 372. Re: Anyone still having IOS 6 wifi issues?
    Phiddler Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank You! Thank You! Six days of frustration over!

    Swedish happy man!

  • 373. Re: Anyone still having IOS 6 wifi issues?
    SWedel69 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Still having the same ridiculous problems.  iPad 2, 16GB, WiFi only.  "Upgraded" to iOS 6 and now I have zero connectivity, even though it appears connected to my personal WiFi, which goes through a Belkin WAP.


    I've upgraded the firmware on the router, changed the type of security to each and every one it supports, have changed my proxy settings to every one available, forgotten and re-added my WiFi network, and basically every other tip and/or trick to be found on this forum.  I finally got someone from Apple on the telephone yesterday who had me restore iOS 6 through iTunes.  That didn't help,either.


    The guy from Apple told me that "a few people have been having problems of this sort" and that they are "working on it".  I told him that if they can't get it fixed within a reasonable amount of time that I'm going to do what I should have done when I bought the iPad in the first place - buy an Android tablet.  I'm a Linux geek anyway.


    Yeah, I'm a bit fed up.  This is a full-on JOKE.

  • 374. Re: Anyone still having IOS 6 wifi issues?
    CGJ apple Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Wow, sounds like you know what you're doing too.  Am sorry that as a non-technical user, I can't help you.  My iPad is configured just like yours.  I have only used it here at home.  When I restart my router, it seems to find the iPad - but the signal is not as strong and I'm easily dumped off.  Apple should really be on this in a significant way.  Whether routers need upgrades ( as some users say ) or not, we should be officially advised.  This ain't what I call good customer service. 

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