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  • 360. Re: iPhone 5 battery life is way worse than iPhone 4
    JonathanMac Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    What I want to know is if apple will replace my iphone at the genius bar?


    5 hours is very close to the "less than 50% advertised" that the genius bar replaces iphones with battery problems under apple care. If I turn location services, siri, spotlight search, widgets, etc on I will get less than  4 hours battery life 8 is advertised.

  • 361. Re: iPhone 5 battery life is way worse than iPhone 4
    dipnbeans Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)

    As far as I know of, draining the battery to 0 and letting it shut off by itself, then doing a full charge should fix it.

  • 362. Re: iPhone 5 battery life is way worse than iPhone 4
    tracyscottbrooks Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have been a mac user since the blue G3 which cost $4500 at the time and had 4g HD, 256mb ram and was the dream machine of it's time.  I joined this discussion group thinking I could connect with some like minded people but seriously, THE SOLUTION TO THE BATTERY DRAINAGE PROBLEM IS LISTED IN THIS DISCUSSION AT LEAST 20 TIMES AND NO ONE IS LISTENING!


    RESET YOUR PHONE AND SET IT UP AS A NEW PHONE.  IT IS THAT SIMPLE.  If you have not done that, you should not be posting anything further until you do.  It works.  There is something different between the 4s and 4 that is making the 5 use the battery too fast.  You do not have to disable all your apps or shut down your phone and run it without all the features the iPhone has to offer.  If you do this fix (straight from Apple itself) your issue will go away.  Apple advertises that on 3G you will get up to 8 hours of talk time.  It stands to reason that if you are on LTE that you are going to use a little more power.  If you restore your phone as a new phone and leave things on, you are going to get about 5-6 hours of talk time.  THINK ABOUT WHAT HAS CHANGED...Facebook is not integrated into the IOS.  Facebook uses push as most emails do to recieve messages.  When your push settings are turned on, the phone is being woke up from standby everytime that a facebook notificion comes out, your phone is reacting to it by waking up, and notifying you.  Reset your phone, set it up as a new phone as 3 of my messages say and numerous other people have suggested and or confirmed, and then decide if 5 hours is sufficient talk time for you or not.  If you want to increase that further, go to your email settings, shut off "push" and then it will default to "fetch" which can be set to retrieve all you push notifications every 15 min, 30 min, houlrly, or manually.  I have mine set to 15 min and am getting 6.5 hours talk.  Also, if your push is enabled, your email is waking it uo everytime you get an email...even spam.  If you use fetch, getting your notifications all at once every 15 min is pretty good for even me and I am using my phone non stop for work.  Conditioning your battery is very important as well.  Point-everyone is complaining but not following the instruction those of us have been giving you.  a few other tips, set your screen to auto brightness and then adjust the slider to the lowest setting that is still bright an clear for you.  Location services such as maps, or anyting that is constantly checking where you are is also using up battery.  You do not have to shut any of these things down....if you reset your phone and decline to restore from icloud, you do have to go to the trouble of reseting all your emails (15 min for 5 accounts for me) and redownloading your apps either by syncing them to iTunes (fasted way to restore)  and then restore your contacts by putting in your apple id in the icloud settings, and then you are good to go. 


    So for those of you complaining without trying this, I do not understand what you are complaining about.  Those of you who are upset that you have to shut everything down and run without functionality on your phone, you need to follow these instructions and then decide if 5-6 hours of talk time can get you through the day, or if you need to extend it to 8.  If you need that 8 hours, then the more you shut down the longer your battery will last.  For those of you who want a balance....Understand the push is going to kill your battery no matter what...your phone is not on standby when it is set to push notifications because your emails and notifications are being constantly being pushed to your phone which can be a lot especially when you consider all the spam and such that comes through.  When the facebook app is running you are constantly getting push notifications so again, your phone is truely never on standby.  Note:  to stop push notifications in facebook you have to shut it off in the app itself--just launch it, go to settings, and turn off push notifications....BUT IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE THAT HARD BECAUSE APPLE INTEGTATED FETCH INTO THE MIX---------JUST SHUT OFF PUSH AND USE FETCH.  Anything that would normally come to you instantly will come every 15 min or every half hour or hour or manually depending on your settings.


    I was losing about 10% per hour and about 10% per 15 min call before I set up as a new phone.  I reset, followed the instructions I gave you...I have push off, fetch set to 15 min ( I need my emails shortly afrer tehy come), have 5 email accounts syncing to icloud, blue tooth turned on, and Siri turned off (She drained my batterie too much with my 4s and I do not use her unless I am playing aroung), andI started writing this post at three hours ago with 53% on my phone...I have since made two phone calls both lasting over an hour, recieved and read/deleted 32 emails, updated 5 apps that showed up in my app store alert, and I am at 27% now. 


    Oh, and by the way....did anyone notice that recharging your phone is now lightening fast?  For you sceptics, google batterie use on 3g, 4g, and LTE.  Also realize that the 4g that was showing up on your ios 5.1. on the 4s phones was not true 4g as we think of it.  Last but not least, you can probally shut of the weather and stock widgets in your notification center...not sure if they do any harm but I did since I do not use them.


    If you are a first time user of the iphone and this is your first purchase, you do not need to do this. 


    Look at it this way...yes you have to go through a few steps to set up your phone as a new phone,,,but so many people who have done it on this post have reported that it works.  When it comes to the shutting down the apps or optimizing battery function, of course appst that are constantly searching for other devices, connecting to servers everytime they push something , and obviously a voice recognition that uses the internet or things like facetime erc are going to put a drain on thins.  You have to decide what your needs are and in my opinion....being someone who uses about 13,000 minutes and 6gb of data every month, 5 hours is plenty...especially when I can plug my phone into my car, run itto a grocery store, ane have a 50-60% charge by the time I am out 15 minutes later.  My job is dependent on getting my emails on time but having them come every 15 min works out just fine for me. 


    For those of you unwilling to try this, please quit with the complaining.  We have given you the work around and even if Apple does realease a patch...it is only going to fix the issues with restoring a iPhone 5 with a iPhone 4s iCloud back up.


    If you have done this and you are not back on track, I would suggest a trip to the apple store or to where ever you purchased your phone and get a new one because your phone is broken,  and get a replacement. 


    FYI-I called applecare 5 times and got the same anser everytinme,,,,Diminish power, reset (delete all content), restore (downlaod apps from the apps store or syc with and restore your apps with itunes, set up your email, and chage a few settings to make your phone function more effeciently if 5 hours talk is not enough...and then ejoy! 

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    tracyscottbrooks Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Seriously....read the specs....are you on 3G...do you have everything shut off?  5 hours is a long time when you consider how much is going on with your device.  Yes they will replace your phone as any phone can be returned in 30 days or less.  If you are expecting more than 5 hours on LTE with anything running at all, you are about 6 years ahead of technology. 

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    tracyscottbrooks Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    No it does not.  If you read my posts and the many others that answer your question you will learn that restoring from the back-up is the culprip.  Second, shut down your push noticications as and use fetch every 15 min and you will be fine.  I have posted the same info over and over again explaining this but people fail to read and or listen.  When your phone is connectioning to a server ever 3 or 4 seconds it is never at rest.  Since most new users are adding the facebook functionality, facebook never stops communicating to with your device as long as there is activity...especially with many of the facebook apps that "send emails on your behalf, access your contact list, etc.  (looks at your apps and the clause under settings that says "allows to send emails on my behalf."  Most of us do not read the fine print when we agree to these things.  I kept getting emails from my business contacts asking if I would quit sending them emails from facebook or apps within it.  Then I read.  Shut this down, follow instructions provided to me by Apple, and enjoy your phone.

  • 365. Re: iPhone 5 battery life is way worse than iPhone 4
    TheWrongStuff Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    My fix to the problem turned out to be quite simple:


    1. Go to settings - reset - reset all settings

    2. Run the battery flat

    3. Recharge fully


    I'm now sitting on about 8 hrs standby with 3 hrs use and over half my battery left.

  • 366. Re: iPhone 5 battery life is way worse than iPhone 4
    tracyscottbrooks Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    You can turn everything back on if you use fetch instead of push.  Read my posts.  I have spoke to apple several times and it has nothing to do with what you have turned on or off if you are satisfied with 5-6 hours of usage which is what you will get if you do the restore and turn your push off, and use fetch at 15 min intervals.  To turn of notifications from this thread go to your account settings and choose your notification prefernces.  If you want, you can delete all further notifications from this thread by selecting email notificaltions and deleting this from the list, or you can choose the other tab and set preferences to pick what specific notifications you want.

  • 367. Re: iPhone 5 battery life is way worse than iPhone 4
    TheWrongStuff Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    The lightening fast charging you are mentioning is probably the culprit. My phone was charging quickly as well, but it was discharging equally quickly. This is not a feature, its part of the problem. Do the reset all settings option I mentioned above and discharge the battery completely before recharging it again and your problem will disappear. (as will your lightening fast charging).

  • 368. Re: iPhone 5 battery life is way worse than iPhone 4
    tracyscottbrooks Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

         I am done replying to this as no one is listening and understanding what the true issue is.  If you are a serious mac user and you need help getting your battery optimized and want to fix the drainage issue without havingt to shut down all your apps, icloud, etc...my email is my username at aol.com


    I have a hard time with the people who read 8 hours and do not see the 3G next to it, have facebook and push notifications constantly accessing their device...mention things like angry birds which constantly is accessing your address book to send out emails on your behalf, and read the tech specs and interpret what they want to hear.


    These expectations are like having a car get 50mpg and complaining when they only got 30 after driving trough the mountains. 

  • 369. Re: iPhone 5 battery life is way worse than iPhone 4
    TheWrongStuff Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi Tracy


    The problem is most people who restore their devices have them set up exactly the same as the way the device was setup on the iPhone 4 or 4s so there should be no difference with how many times you are doing push notifications etc.


    The expectation from people is simple. If my phone is setup the same way as my old phone, there is no reason why the Iphone 5 should have less battery life. I agree with this.


    That is where it seems there are some ways to resolve the battery issues using a variety of methods until Apple releases a fix.

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    kurt7416 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My iPhone 5 restored from my backup of my 4S.  I did notice some location services were turned on that were not on in my 4.  For the most part the battery has been similar to the 4S. 


    I am accustomed to having multiple chargers whereever I'm at, that has been difficult because no one has any in stock. 

  • 371. Re: iPhone 5 battery life is way worse than iPhone 4
    mrbr1ghtside Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)


    just because it works for you does not mean it will work for other people.

    I am on my 2nd iPhone 5 which has also been restored and set up as new device and drain when not on wifi with let turned off is a about 1% per minute. 

    I would therefore suggest you stop saying it works and telling ppl off for not listening.

    it worked for you!  not everyone !!

  • 372. Re: iPhone 5 battery life is way worse than iPhone 4
    holdrege Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes and some of us don't even use Facebook, and some of us live in countries without LTE and don't even have an LTE option under settings, and don't push our email, and don't ever use Bluetooth, and still we have poor battery performance.


    If you read all the posts in this thread you can see that there is no magic bullet unless you assume that the physical battery is the problem and you are lucky enough to get a new phone that has a good battery.

  • 373. Re: iPhone 5 battery life is way worse than iPhone 4
    crosberle Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Tracy, you seem pretty serious here...so my questiion is this...what do you recommend to someone like me who as done THREE restores...a DFU RESTORE, does NOT have Facebook or Facebook messenger, has turned off wifi, has turned of notifcation, has turned off ALL push and fetch data, etc, etc, etc...and i get MAX 4 hours usage and 1 day of standby?  All I have on (which I had on my iphone 4 and was never an issue) is bluetooth and siri...aside from that...I have restored MANY TIMES and my phone is BRUTAL.  Please cast your wisdom upon me as what you think I should do next.  Maybe ANOTHER restore for good measure?

  • 374. Re: iPhone 5 battery life is way worse than iPhone 4
    aarondoust Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I would love to know this too. I have tried resetting everything, set up as a new phone and all. It sometimes gets better, the only time the battery appears to drain at a reasonable rate is when I'm actually using everything!


    We went for a walk the other day (2 bars to full LTE signal) using the run keeper app and the battery percentage did not change from 90% yet the minute we got home and closed the app the battery started dropping almost instantly. I also moticed at the same time that it had switched to 3G ( I was trying wifi off at the time) but had full signal.


    I think there is more than one issue with iOS 6 and I really hope they get sorted soon. This is the first time I've been so disappointed by an Apple product.

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